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Tuck is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard


Return of the Mean Green Machine[]

He is hired by Boss Hogg to drive the Mean Green Machine and use it to steal a million dollars worth of gold coins from the Gold and Silver Emporium. Boss has him test out the machine, driving through two cars before lighting one on fire. He then drives through a shack and a brick wall before showing off the magnet for Rosco Coltrane. Boss tells him to pack it for now and he heads back to the hideout where his partner is waiting.

After parking the machine he climbs out and looks around before telling Burt that the coast is clear and suggests they get some beers. He tells Burt that the machine is running real good but as he opens his beer two men come in and pull guns on them. He is told to get on the floor where he is tied up. The two men flee with the machine.

After getting free, he and Burt head to the Boar’s Nest. Boss is surprised to see him and asks that isn’t he supposed to be protecting the machine. He says there ain’t no machine to protect and explains that it was stolen. Boss declares they have to find it. However they trip on a number of jawbreakers Boss dropped on the floor and struggle to get back to his feet and out the door.