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Jay 'Turk' Adams is a fictional character in the American television series Enos which aired from 1980 to 1981. Turk was played by Samuel E. Wright.

Background Information[]

Turk Adams was Enos Strate's partner when he worked at the Los Angeles Police Department. When Enos was introduced to him, Enos was surprised to learn his first name wasn't actually Turk. Turk explained that the name is short for 'Turkey' and he was called that because he was always in trouble with the department before becoming an officer.[1] Turk was on the force for eight years before he got selected to be part of the Metro Squad Special Branch.[2]

When Turk was younger, he was arrested by Lt. Joseph Broggi[3]. Not much is known about Turk's life before the force, but he mentions that he has a little sister[4] and that he's struggled financially[5][6]. Broggi does not have the best opinion of him. Turk was accepted to the LAPD as part of a special program for the Metro Squad at the same time as Enos. Turk doesn't understand a lot of what Enos says, and usually just goes along with it. While some of Enos' actions confuse and frustrate him, he trusts Enos completely. He picked up Enos' phrase 'Buddy-Roe', using it a lot to address Enos on the radio. Turk relies on a lot of his street smarts and tends to talk back when people annoy him.

Turk is terrified of Enos' driving, to the point he goes to see the department psychiatrist about it[7]. Despite the concerns he had with Enos' quirks, Turk was not willing to consider working with any other partner. Turk also becomes rather defensive of Enos, to the point he threatens two superiors and even promises to turn in his badge for accusing Enos of stealing money[8]. Through the series he also meets Hazzard Citizens Daisy Duke[9], Jesse Duke[10], and Virgil Cooper[11]. He also meets and works a case with Rosco P. Coltrane, who invites him back to Hazzard, offering to let him help chase after the Duke boys, but Enos and Turk warn him that Turk would probably join Bo and Luke instead of arresting them[12].

Despite the rocky past Turk has with LT Broggi, he does show a level of respect for the officer and will defend him or speak highly of him when someone insults him[13]. However, he still is amused any time Broggi is proven incorrect or even humiliated[14].


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