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Turk Foley is a minor character from The Dukes of Hazzard (1979-1985)


Amy Creavy’s ex- mechanic. She fired him after she found him putting nitrous oxide in her engine and because of his unwanted romantic advances. He was barred from the Racing Association in Georgia for crippling four drivers.


Luke's Love Story[]

He follows Amy to Hazzard to watch her in the Hazzard Obstacle Derby. Watching her get chosen as one of the four drivers and having a drink with Daisy and Frankie in the Boar's Nest, he tells Roy that he’s not taking any more of this and goes to talk to Amy, but Roy tries to hold him back telling him to give up on her. He walks up to Amy, Frankie, Luke, Bo, and Daisy Duke and Amy asks what is he doing there. He tells her he wouldn’t miss one of her races, not after teaching her everything that he knows. When she asks him not to do this now he laughs and asks why not, saying ‘this pigsty is as good as any place to start over’. He grabs her arm to pull her away to talk, ignoring her telling him to let go. When Luke tells him that she said to let go, he punches Luke in the face. He ends up hitting Luke a few times before tossing him aside. Luke comes back and they fight again. They are pulled apart by Rosco and he tells Amy he will see her later before leaving with Roy.

Later he goes into Cooter’s garage and begins to tinker with Amy’s car Lucifer. Bo Duke walks in, catching him and asking him what is he doing. When Roy hits Bo, he closes the hood and helps Roy attack him. Bo manages to throw him off and to the ground. He gets up and seeing Bo knock over Roy, rushes him. Bo throws a bucket of oil on him but he and Roy get up and tackle Bo. The three wrestle around until Rosco pulls up, and they flee leaving Bo on the floor.

After changing, Turk and Roy walk together and Roy asks what do they do now. He says for them to wait. When Roy asks if he is going to mess with the car again, he says he doesn’t have to as it’s already done. When Roy reminds him Bo saw him, he tells him that Bo will only spot the decoy that was meant to hide everything else he did. He throws a few play punches and walks away, ignoring Roy asking what he did.

Before the Hazzard Derby starts, he knocks out Cooter and takes his clothes and car. During the race, he and Enos compete for third. During a hard set of turns, he runs Enos off the road and causes him to flip his car. He rams into the back of the General and pulls up alongside Luke to show him that he is behind the wheel and not Cooter before also trying to run Amy off. However he crashes when Luke runs him off the road. He crawls out of the car as Roy runs over, asking if he’s alright. Sarcastically he yells ‘no I died’ before hitting the car. He is arrested by Rosco while watching Amy be declared the winner, Rosco saying he will put him under the jail.