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Ty is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


The Dukes of Hazzard: Hazzard in Hollywood![]

He watches Patch shoot at the Dukes and their friends, kneeling down to say he thinks Patch missed. Patch says he wasn’t trying to hit them, calling him stupid, before saying he was trying to scare them. Patch moves and he stays watching. Patch screams ‘move it brains’ and he quickly moves to follow. He rides with Patch as they continue to chase the Dukes.

Three days later they find the Dukes campsite and Patch tells him the town will eat them alive before they leave. They go to see Igor, standing behind Patch during the conversation. Patch hires some of Igor’s men at 2 thousand a day.

After Patch steals the RV he meets him that night. Patch tells Ezra they stole the RV, tossing him a wad of cash. They laugh about their victory.

They watch the Dukes the next morning, surprised when Igor's men attack the Dukes. They learn the tapes they have are worth a half million. He says they can sell them to Igor but Patch says no. He says let Igor keep chasing the Dukes and they will sell them to him later. As they leave he remarks that Patch is a genius.

They come back to the camp and watch Rosco and Cletus leave to try and raise money. They follow them to keep an eye on them.

Later he helps Patch rob 20 thousand dollars from Rosco that he just got as a loan.

He meets up with Patch at Igor’s asking what took him so long and is told Patch had to make a deal at the Bloody Bucket. They wait inside.

While they wait for the tapes to be checked, Patch says they are traveling once they get paid and asks that he thinks of Rio. However he is suddenly attacked and punched in the face by Luke. Igor’s men capture Bo and Luke.

The next morning, he and Patch pack up their money from Igor. Igor orders Bo and Luke’s death’s but an earthquake strikes. As they take cover, Bo and Luke bolt with the money and tapes. He rides with Patch in his truck as they spot Bo and Luke and corner them in an ally. However before they can do anything, Daisy and Gabby arrives. They create a distraction letting Bo and Luke escape.

They follow the General Lee, Ty shooting at them as they drive. They follow the Dukes through a number of movie sets when Patch flips the truck. They are confronted by furious cast and crew.