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"Uncle Boss" is the seventh episode of the third season of the Dukes Of Hazzard.


Boss Hogg wants the Dukes out of his way for good so they cannot interfere with his scams, so he calls his college-educated nephew Hughie Hogg (Jeff Altman) to come to Hazzard County and get the job done. Because Hughie is even sneakier than Boss Hogg is, Hughie just might be the man for the job. Hughie frames Daisy for running moonshine, and when Bo and Luke help her escape, Hughie videotapes the breakout, and takes off with Boss Hogg for Atlanta to turn the tape over to the state police. Since Hughie's tape makes Rosco look bad, Rosco tells the Dukes about Hughie's plan, and they all set out to stop Hughie and Boss before they reach Atlanta.


Balladeer: In Hazzard County there are certain things that are certain besides death and taxes. Dukes chasing girls and Rosco chasing Dukes.

On the side of the road, Rosco puts a 3 over the first 5 on a 55 mph sign changing it to 35. Seeing Bo and Luke coming he quickly gets in the car before chasing after them. Bo asks why Rosco is chasing them and Luke reminds him Rosco was just changing signs. Rosco radio’s Enos, wanting them to you the ‘young pup’ and ‘hound dog’ which Enos requests to change but is ignored. Bo turns around to go in the other direction and Rosco comes from the other side. Bo pulls off the road down a dirt trail, causing Enos and Rosco to hit each other. They rejoin the chase but pass a still site that Rosco crashes into, destroying it.

Boar’s Nest

Rosco goes to the Boar’s Nest, informing Boss that he crashed into his still. Boss is not happy as he eats lunch and says he needs to unleash his secret weapon against the boys, one he has hoped he would never have to use but he is calling in Hughie, alarming Rosco.


Hughie and his driver arrive in Hazzard. Seeing Bo and Luke, they decide to run them into a ditch for fun. Bo calls him a runt and Luke says he’s as mean as he was in grade school. Bo asks why he’s back in Hazzard.

Boar’s Nest

Boss tells Rosco about Hughie recently graduating college and he thinks Hughie is smart enough to beat the Dukes. Boss then eats his chicken wing, bones and all commenting ‘waste not, want not’ when Rosco questions him.

Duke Farm

Jesse is caring for Maudine after Bo and Luke arrived back home. He asks if they are sure it was Hughie as it’s been a long time since they’ve seen him. Jesse says it’s unnerving waiting to see what he’s going to do.

Boar’s Nest

Rosco waits outside for Hughie’s arrival. Inside Daisy is holding a bridal shower for Mary Belle with ten other women. Hughie arrives and heads inside after disrespecting Rosco, listening to Daisy’s speech about Mary Belle before clapping. Daisy and Hughie insult each other and he goes into the office to see Boss. They greet each other, Hughie saying Boss is the man who made him what he is today. They agree for Hughie to get rid of the Dukes, Hughie saying it will take a week and if he does he gets 5% for Boss’ entire operation.

Bo, Luke, and Jesse arrive and Jesse threatens to un-weld the doors as Bo helps him out. As they head inside. Bo comments he feels silly about crashing a bridal shower and Luke says it might be because with the exception of Daisy, Bo has been practically engaged to all the women present, including the bride to be. They all laugh about it. Hughie watches them go in before causing the General to bump into Boss’ car. Inside Rosco approaches the Dukes telling Jesse and Daisy it’s too bad they had to be there as he is arresting Bo and Luke. Bo and Luke confront him about earlier and Rosco says he’s charging them for ‘hit and walk’ as they hit Boss’ car and walked inside. Jesse argues that the car wasn’t anywhere near them. Hughie insists he’s a witness and Boss comes in, pretending to have already been to the hospital. Jesse tricks Boss into thinking someone is trying to rob the Boar’s Nest, proving it was fake.

Outside Jesse tells them that Hughie is there to get them. Bo goes to walk across the hood of the General to drive away and Jesse tells him not to walk on that car. Bo quickly moves to walk across Boss’ car instead. Inside Boss starts to get nervous as Hughie thinks of another plan. He tells Boss that he had his driver Elmo steal his car and hide it in a hay pile on the Duke Farm. As they tell Rosco, Daisy overhears from the kitchen and radio’s the others who are on the road. Cooter overhears the conversation while driving down Willow Road and Luke tells him to meet them at their barn, which Cooter agrees. Bo goes off road in an attempt to beat Rosco back despite Rosco being 20 miles closer.

Duke Farm

The Dukes arrive at the same time as Rosco and Enos. They run into the barn as Rosco comes in and searches the hay stack while saying that the criminals always returns to the scene of the crime. Enos agrees but tells Bo that he doesn’t believe they are criminals. Rosco searches the stack but Maudine kicks him and sends him into the water trough. Bo tells them they should go and Enos apologizes to the mule for interrupting her meal. Rosco and Enos leave. Cooter then shows them that he beat them by a few minutes and hid the car. Jesse decides to return the car.

Police Station

In Rosco’s office, he explains to Boss and Hughie that the car was gone, even saying that if the mule had been a goat, he would have assumed it ate the car. Enos comes in to tell them they have an emergency in the main booking room and they file out to see Hughie’s car, washed and siting in the room. As Boss curses; Bo, Luke, and Cooter watch out a window laughing. Hughie asks about the wedding Daisy will be in, and learning it’s tomorrow at two they all synchronize their watches. Rosco doesn’t have a watch so he takes Enos’.

Boar’s Nest

Bo, Luke, Daisy, and Cooter all have a beer together before leaving to get Daisy’s dress for the wedding. Bo asks about Cooter’s truck and Cooter says he bought it from Conyers. As they talk Rosco arrives and the boys aren’t happy to see him. They are surprised when Rosco wants to check Daisy’s car. Hughie films the entire thing from the side. Rosco finds moonshine in the trunk and arrests Daisy to the others shock. Bo asks why he’s framing Daisy.

Police Station

Enos takes her picture and asks her if he can order a second picture for his wallet and Daisy says that’s fine as long as it doesn’t have the numbers. Upstairs Boss talks to Hughie, expressing he doesn’t get it since Hughie is supposed to be arresting Bo and Luke but instead they arrested Daisy. Hughie explains that Daisy is bait. Jesse storms in with Cooter, Bo, and Luke to confront Boss and Hughie. Hughie says that they will have to pay for a trial for Daisy, something they don’t’ have. Furious Bo yells that he wants to whip some sense into Hughie but the others stop him as Hughie will have him on assault charges and violating his probation. Hughie then tells them he needs to go to Rockville College to pick up a doctorate in humanities and it should take three or four hours. Hughie leaves and the four go to see Daisy.  Meanwhile the boys go down to see Daisy and ask Rosco to let her out but Rosco says the judge is out of town which Cooter confirms. Rosco leaves and Luke suggests they spring Daisy out to go to the wedding and break her back in as no one will actually check on her until six. Bo reminds them about Rosco and says Bo will be the one to break out Daisy while the rest of them deal with Rosco.

Rosco is working at his desk when he gets a call from Jesse who is pretending to be an elderly lady who is reporting Bo and Luke loading shine. Rosco looks outside to see Luke and another person who he assumes is Bo loading boxes from the Garage. Bo, who was out Rosco’s window, whistles to let them know Rosco is coming and Luke and Cooter take off. Rosco chases after them as Bo goes inside. Hughie secretly films him the entire time. Bo gets the keys and frees Daisy. The two sneak out to the roof and cross the building tops before getting in Daisy’ Plymouth and leaving.

As Luke and Cooter lead around Rosco, Boss and Hughie talk in Boss’ office. Boss is confused how Hughie let Daisy escape and Hughie tells him he needs to piece together his plan first, picking up a number of tapes. Luke and Cooter lose Rosco under a bridge. Daisy and Bo leave the wedding and head back to the jail. Rosco goes back to the Police Station and fills in Boss on what happened. Hughie meanwhile shows them the tape that he filmed of Daisy being arrested and Bo breaking her out while Rosco was asleep. Boss is thrilled but Rosco is upset that they made him look incompetent. Hughie remarks that with Daisy and Bo in trouble, he will buy the farm from Jesse for $300.

Bo and Daisy meet up with Luke and Cooter and decide to get Daisy back but they encounter Rosco and Enos. Rosco has them all get out and Rosco tells them that he’s being framed too. Enos tells Bo that he was filmed freeing Daisy. Rosco proposes they all work together to take on Hughie. Enos informs them that the tapes are chained to Hughie and Luke proposes that they put it through a magnetic field. Cooter leaves first to go to the Junk Yard and the others head out to heard Hughie to the Junk Yard. Boss and Hughie are confused when Enos comes after them and decide to ignore him. Bo and Luke force Elmo to take a different road and Enos continues to chase with Bo and Luke behind. They take the creek bed but Enos refuses to give up however Enos gets stuck in a culvert. Bo and Luke pick up the chase again and call Rosco, telling him where they are, telling Rosco to send them into Seminole Canyon. Rosco redirects them. However a small bridge is knocked out and Rosco is stopped. Daisy goes to pick up the others as Bo and Luke continue to follow. Jesse forces them along. Rosco joins Daisy.

Junk Yard

After Hughie is forced in the Junk Yard, Cooter gets a crane with a one ton magnet. He misses the car but the Dukes force Elmo back. Cooter uses the magnet to erase the tape as they hang Hughie’s car. After they let the car go, Boss and Hughie head to the State Police while the others remain behind to celebrate.

Balladeer: At the State Police old Boss was like a cock to the wall, he figured he was gonna nail the Dukes. Just like Luke planned, that electromagnet in the junk yard did more than wipe out the video tape, it turned two Hogg’s into plucked chickens. Boss wasn’t too delicate about suggesting nephew Hughie go back to school, because against the Dukes he was way out of his class. And now that his own neck was safe, old Rosco didn’t lose no time breaking the truce and writing the Dukes a ticket, which is just about up to par for Hazzard County.

Boss and Hughie are tossed out of the State Police office when their evidence is only static. After throwing out Hughie from town, Rosco frames the Dukes for parking in a red zone and gives them a ticket.


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  • Hughie Hogg just returned from college
    • Boss says he cheated his way through and cheated the class president out of his Phi Beta Kappa key, the oldest academic honor society in the United State, and graduate Summa Cum Laude, the highest academic honors.
  • Cooter bought a new truck in Conyers, Georgia.


  • Note: This was the second on-air appearance of Hughie Hogg, but is clearly written as his introduction to the show. This episode also has Enos, who departed the show in the season 3 premiere, and also has Daisy's yellow Plymouth Road Runner, which was destroyed in season 2, episode 12 "Arrest Jesse Duke" (production code 166403). Therefore this episode was filmed for season 2, prior to the filming of "Arrest Jesse Duke".