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Uncle Charlie is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


The Hack of Hazzard[]

Owner of Uncle Charlie's Upholstery.

Uncle Charlie's outside

While at work Cooter brings him the back seat of Mis Tisdale’s cab to work on. Two men, J.J. Sunday and Harry Ray Pearson arrive and tie him up in order to search his place for the seat. He hears the two search around before finding the seat. He hears someone arrive and watches the two men hide. He hears Boss and Rosco come in, Boss saying he doesn’t want Uncle Charlie to hear them. Rosco says his place is a mess and they will give him a citation later. He hears someone else arrive and Bo and Luke sneak in. He tries to get their attention. However Boss and Rosco chase the boys out. The two men leave as well.

A few minutes later J.J. and Harry return, confirm that what they are looking for isn’t there and leave again. He tries to get free.