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"Undercover Dukes Part 1" is the sixteenth episode of the sixth season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.


Bo and Luke are offered a chance to return to the NASCAR circuit, this time racing for Mary Beth Carver (Lydia Cornell), the daughter of crime boss J. J. Carver (Ramon Bieri). Mary Beth is not involved in Carver's operations. Bo and Luke decline, vowing to uphold a promise that they made to Jesse that they would never again leave the farm to return to racing. A Federal Agent named Walden (Herbert Jefferson, Jr.) later approaches Bo and Luke, offering a healthy cash sum for the two to work undercover as race car drivers for Mary Beth, since J. J. Carver is involved in a gambling racket that has involved murder, robbery, and illegal gambling. It is an offer that's too good to pass up, and Bo and Luke agree to work for Walden, who tells them that they cannot tell Jesse and Daisy what they are doing, which leaves a clueless Daisy angry. Daisy berates Bo and Luke for leaving her and Jesse to go back to the NASCAR circuit after they promised not to.


Balladeer: Now friends, this is a real special time in Hazzard County because the day after tomorrow Daisy’s arranging for a surprise birthday bash for Uncle Jesse…which he don’t know about. Because that’s what makes it a surprise. Bo and Luke are racing to town to see if the gifts they ordered for Uncle Jesse has arrived at Rhuebottom’s store. Now that racing car belongs to the only daughter of J.J. Carver, Mary Beth. That’s her in white. Old J.J. runs the crime syndicate for the entire South. Ain’t Mary Beth a looker. That ain’t J.J. Carver there, that’s Mary Beth’s pet, Mr. Jones. Y’all keeping this straight now.


Bo drives as he and Luke head to town.

A motorhome with Mary Beth, Anna Louise, and Jojo enters Hazzard. Mary Beth and Anna Louise are watching a tape of a race and the chimp, Mr. Jones, reaches for the tv. The screen shows Bo driving the car into the pit, Luke sitting on the hood with a trophy and the announcer remarking that Bo is up with some of the top drivers on the circuit. Bo gets out with Luke and the announcer says that it was Bo’s 8th career victory and was also his last as he retired just after. Mr. Jones turns off the tv and Anna Louise questions what Mary Beth’s actual interest in Bo is, on or off the track. Mary Beth says when she owns a car, she owns the driver too. They wonder if the boys will even take the contract, but Mary Beth is fairly confident. Meanwhile they are being followed by another car. The driver, who has a gun on him, is on the phone with someone saying if the Carver girl stops in Hazzard he will ‘get it done’ then.

Boar’s Nest

They all pull into the Boar’s Nest, Mary Beth and her group going inside. Daisy and Bob are working. Daisy asks Boss why he’s charging so much for beer, two dollars per, if he’s letting them use the Boar’s Nest for free. Boss informs her it’s imported beer, but as he walks away he admits it’s imported from his warehouse. Mary Beth and the others come in and Daisy asks if Mr. Jones is friendly. Mr. Jones promptly climbs over onto Daisy, shocking and amusing her. Daisy hugs him, saying he’s so cute. Outside the man who was following the motorhome climbs in.

Daisy shows them all a table and asks what she can get them. Mary Beth says ‘Bo and Luke Duke on a silver platter’ and Daisy comments ‘coming right up’ before leaving. Outside she calls the boys over the CB, saying there is three people at the Boar’s Nest looking for them and two of them aren’t men. Luke asks what they look like and Daisy says they are adorable if you like girls. The boys agree they are on their way. Meanwhile the man in the motorhome is planting wires and sees Bo and Luke arrive. The two are interested in the car and head into the Boar’s Nest, Bo saying he would like to give it a try one day.

Inside Mary Beth introduces Anna Louise and Jojo to Bo and Luke. They all shake hands before Bo and Luke pull up a chair to join them. Daisy offers to get them beers and Bo asks for a lite to which Luke says not to make his a lite. Mary Beth then sends Jojo and Mr. Jones away before talks to the boys, saying she is a big fan of theirs flattering Bo and making Luke skeptical. She explains she is starting to promote her own racer on Saturday in Capitol City for the 150 before she presents the boys with contracts, Bo being her driver and backup. Daisy is upset but calms down when Bo and Luke politely return the contracts without reading them. They explain that they quit the circuit and are not going back.

Outside the boys admire the race car when they hear a crash. Bo and Luke glance in to see the man snooping around. Bo asks if Luke thinks the man should be in there and Luke says they should ask him when he comes out. The boys get behind the door and the man inside grabs a stereo to make it look like he was a thief. He throws open the door, smacking Bo with it and runs to his car. After a moment of figuring out what happened, Bo and Luke chase after him and leap on the car. Luke immediately rolls off but Bo hangs for a bit longer before also falling off. Luke helps Bo up, asking if he’s alright and Bo says he’s fine as it’s nothing that won’t heal in a couple of years. They go to the General to chase after the man, Bo telling Luke to drive as he’s sore.

J.J. Carver’s Home

J.J stretches, asking Bender if he’s heard from Jojo or Mary Beth yet, which Bender denies. J.J. tells him to call them before turning to three men. As Bender gets ahold of Mary Beth, J.J. takes down all three men one by one, tossing the first over his shoulder, kicking the second one, and flipping the third. Bender hands him the phone and Mary Beth says the Duke boys wouldn’t sign her contract. J.J. says he can give the boys an offer they can’t refuse before ending the call. J.J. recalls that Hazzard is Boss Hogg’s territory and head out to help Mary Beth.


Bo and Luke continue to chase the man in the trailer. Meanwhile Rosco comes the other way, nearly running the man from the trailer off the road. As Bo brings up the concern to Luke, a tire blows out on the General. Rosco turns around and comes over to Bo and Luke. The boys remark they lost the thief and found a Sheriff. Rosco gets out of the car and says he’s arresting them. Bo asks what for and Rosco says ‘speeding’ as usual. He tells the boys to put their hands on the hood but Luke says the hood is pretty hot. Rosco puts his hands on it, not believing them only to burn his hand.

Boar’s Nest

J.J. and Bender arrive at the Boar’s Nest, getting out of the limo and heading for Boss’ office. Boss is using a typewriter when they come in and don’t hear them. After a moment Boss notices them and objects until he thinks the man looks familiar. Carver says they have never met and when Bender says the name Carver, Boss recalls seeing him on tv. Boss becomes alarmed, realizing who he is and offers anything he has. Carver says he wants Bo and Luke Duke. Seeing Bender’s gun, Boss becomes alarmed and emphasizes they want the boys alive. Carver says they only want to talk and Boss agrees to get the boys. Boss calls Rosco, who has Bo and Luke in the back, and tells Rosco to bring the boys to the Boar’s Nest.


The man who was in the trailer is on his car phone and he says he gave them the license number and the descriptions of the two young men who caught him and he wants to know everything there is to know about the boys and fast.

Boar’s Nest

Boss gets J.J. a cigar as Rosco forces Bo and Luke into the back door. Rosco shows the boys to Boss and tries to throw out J.J. and Bender but Boss stops him. Rosco asks if J.J. is comfortable and the boys get annoyed. Luke asks what they are doing there and Bo says they were only trying to help Rosco do his job. J.J. explains that he is the one who summoned the boys. He asks if they can move to his daughters motor home, allowing Bo and Luke to make the connection between him and the girls they saw earlier. Boss asks if there is anything he can do for the boys, surprising them and Luke says the General is sitting in the road with a flat tire. Boss offers to take care of it before saying there is nothing he wouldn’t do for Mr. Carver. J.J. leaves with Bo, Luke, and Bender while Bo asks to check that the county will pay for the flat. After they are gone Boss falls into his chair telling Rosco that is as close to playing with dynamite as he wants to get.

Outside in the motorhome, Anna Louise and Mary Beth watch Jojo and Mr. Jones play checkers. Mr. Jones starts banging pieces and Mary Beth says for him to mind his manners. J.J. comes in with Bo and Luke and sends the other three into the bar, saying for them to take advantage of Boss Hogg’s hospitality. As the boys sit, Luke says if it’s about the offer from his daughter to which J.J. says he can’t blame them for turning her down as Mary Beth is not a businesswoman. He says he will offer them $50,000 and whatever prize money they win and that he is going to do whatever it takes to make his daughter happy. Luke tries to turn it down again and Carver asks them to just think about it. The boys agree but says it probably won’t change anything. They shake hands and leave. Outside, Bo wonders if Carver looked familiar and Luke says maybe a little. Luke adds he looks like someone who doesn’t take no for an answer.

Boss and Rosco talk while Flash eats from her food bowl on the pool table in Boss’ office. Boss says he wants to get in tight with Carver and his family, then he could one day be running the state himself. He says he wouldn’t do such terrible things as Carver did. Rosco says Carver has class, so what would he want with the Duke boys. Boss says for Rosco to follow the boys and find out what Carver wants so he can be a god father. Rosco says if that is the case, and since Boss has no children, he can adopt Rosco. Boss says Rosco can be his runaway son and to start running. Rosco and Flash leave and Boss notices Flash left a bite behind which he tries.


Bo and Luke head home in Dixie. Bo remarks that they just turned down more money in one day than they thought they would make in a lifetime. Luke remarks it feels kind of good to which Bo says ‘no’. Luke looks back and asks Bo if he remembers the guy they were chasing earlier. When Bo says yeah he tells him that the man is back. Bo looks back and remembers that they forgot to tell the others that he was snooping around. Luke says to ask him what he was doing. Bo agrees before going off road. The man follows, getting stuck and Bo comes back around. He tries to calm the boys down as they approach, telling them that he is a federal agent who was assigned to the strike force. He gives the boys the phone in his car, encouraging them to check him out. They agree, Bo telling Luke to do it as he wants to watch Agent Walden himself.

Above them on the road, Rosco notices and stops to listen in. Meanwhile Luke confirms Walden’s claims and Bo apologizes to him. Walden tells the boys that Carver is a bad man that the government has been trying to put away but they can’t without evidence. He says in the past year alone, two good agents have died trying to find out what Carver is up to. The boys ask why he’s telling them this and Walden says he heard them in the motor home, the boys realizing Walden had bugged it when they saw him earlier. Walden says he wants them to accept the offer and be their foot in the door. Luke says he’s asking a lot and Walden says he isn’t the one asking, their country is asking. The boys say they want to talk to their family first but Walden says it’s too risky. Luke pulls Bo aside to discuss it.

Rosco sets Flash down on top of the hill so she won’t fall before moving to get closer only to fall down the hill himself. Flash is concerned. Meanwhile Luke tells Bo that they have an obligation to do the right thing. Bo folds his arms and puts his head down as Luke says they have a chance to put away somebody who has ruining a lot of lives, probably even people they know. Bo asks if Luke thinks they can do it and Luke says Walden seems to think so. Luke and Bo return to Walden, saying he has a deal. Rosco listens as Luke tells Walden he has a feeling that Carver don’t take kindly to people double crossing him. Rosco decides he needs to inform Boss.

Duke Farm

As Jesse, Bo, and Luke prepare to eat, Jesse remarks that when the boys are ready to talk about what they don’t want to talk about then he’s ready to listen but until then he’s going to enjoy his cooking. Daisy arrives and the boys all greet her. She apologizes for being late, saying Boss was making her count all the glasses. She asks what the boys are looking glum about and asks if the boys told their uncle about turning down the offer to drive on the NASCAR circuit. She hugs them both, saying she is so proud of them she could bust and the boys become very agitated. Daisy tells Bo that when Mary Beth started batting her eyelashes at him it was over and the boys try to talk to her but won’t look at her. They admit they didn’t tell Jesse and she becomes concerned. Luke says they changed their minds and Bo tries to justify it with the money but Luke elbows him and Bo stops. Upset Daisy says she can’t believe what she’s hearing. Jesse says if this is what the boys want they should bless them. Daisy refuses, saying they went back on their word and are breaking up the family. Bo gives her a worried look but Luke refuses to look at her and says it’s not a joke. Bo tries to say they won’t be gone long but Daisy storms out. The boys try to explain there is more going on and rush after her, Bo apologizing quickly to Uncle Jesse.

The boys reach Daisy at the General and they stand on either side of her. Luke says they understand how she feels and she yells at him saying he doesn’t or they wouldn’t be leaving. She asks how Uncle Jesse is going to feel when Saturday comes and he has everyone wishing him a happy birthday except the two people he loves mor than anything in the world. Both boys are looking away with guilt and Bo tries to talk but she talks over him saying that harvesting time is coming up and how do the boys expect a man his age to do it all by himself. Bo says someday she will know how it is with him and Luke. Daisy says she knows how she feels right now before slapping Bo and heading to the house. Luke tries to stop her but she elbows him in the stomach. Bo turns and slaps the top of the General in frustration. Bo says he supposes they should go tell Mary Beth they will work for her and Luke agrees commenting ‘yeah, Judas and his cousin’ before getting behind the wheel. Bo hesitates a bit longer before getting in too.

Boar’s Nest

The boys arrive and park by Mary Beth’s trailer. They get out of the car and Bo knocks at the trailer. They are invited in and Anna Louise tells them to sit before offering a drink but the boys refuse. Mary Beth comes in and Bo and Luke explain they agreed to drive. Bo and Mary Beth flirt for a bit and Luke comments that he just hopes no blood gets shed in the cause of winning. Jojo comes in, adding he’s glad Luke said that since it’s dangerous at the race track.

Rosco fills Boss in on what he heard inside Boss’ office. Boss becomes alarmed and asks how the boys plan to do that. He says Rosco he needs to find out how before he informs Carver of it.


Bo and Luke head home, Rosco following them. Luke notices him following them but notes he doesn’t have his siren on. Bo says it’s possible he isn’t chasing them and Luke says Bo needs to lose him either way before they go see Walden. Bo asks if they finished the road work on Peach Tree Lane and Luke says he doesn’t know but what difference does it make and for Bo to go. Bo passes through the construction work, to the annoyance of the workers and Rosco drives into a hole. Bo remarks that should keep them ‘holed’ up for a while and laughs at his own joke. Unamused, Luke remarks ‘what a fun guy’ before telling Bo to just keep driving. Meanwhile Rosco ask if Boss will buy the fact it’s Enos’ fault.

Boar’s Nest

Boss approaches Daisy, who is upset as she cleans glasses. He says she doesn’t look happy and if she’s troubled by the beer costs at the birthday party then he’ll let her to have all the free popcorn at half price. Daisy admits it isn’t Boss she’s upset with but her cousins. Boss tells her to come sit with him and tell ‘Uncle Boss’ what is going on. Daisy agrees.


Bo and Luke meet up with Walden. He tells the boys he will be in front of the post office in Capitol City every day from noon to one. Bo adds they also have the phone number from the treasury office in case there’s an emergency. Walden hands them the smallest camera they have. Walden then acknowledges the personal risks the boys are taking before thanking them. Luke says they will give it a shot.

Boar’s Nest

Boss and Rosco pack in Boss’ office, Boss telling Rosco that Daisy told him the boys are going to be racing for Carver. He asks Rosco what the man he saw talking to the Dukes looked like and Rosco guesses a gambler. Boss becomes excited, assuming Bo and Luke are going to throw a race for Carver.

Duke Farm

Bo and Luke come out of their room with their bags packed. Jesse tries to get Daisy to come out of her room but Daisy says she isn’t’ coming out until they are gone. The boys are upset and Daisy adds she never wants to see them again. Jesse says she doesn’t mean that. Bo and Luke says they will be back and Jesse says they will and they always got a home there if they need it. Luke hugs him and Jesse says goodbye. Then Bo hugs him and Jesse calls him ‘baby’ saying for him to be good. Luke says for him to have a good birthday and Bo asks him to say goodbye to Daisy. The boys leave.

Boss and Rosco watch in a brown car and follow the boys.

Jesse goes outside and looks around, sad.

J.J. Carvers home

Carver hangs up the phone and tells Bender that Tony Reno is coming. Carver says that makes four and he has two left. Carver says that come Saturday all the top syndicate bosses in America will be there. Bender expresses concern about the cops but Carver says they are going to be worried about crowd control due to the race.

Outside Bo and Luke arrive at the gate. The Gate guard checks his roster and confirms the boys are allowed in before explaining they have to check the boys and their belonging as no cameras, recorders, or weapons are allowed in. The boys get out and they are searched, Luke offering one of the guard popcorn who declines as they are not allowed to eat on duty. The boys are told to continue on. Meanwhile Boss and Rosco arrive and Rosco asks how they are going to get past the guards. Boss says they aren’t, they are going to circle the place until they find a place to camp out. Meanwhile Bo asks Luke why they didn’t find the camera. Luke says it’s  because they aren’t allowed to eat on duty before showing Bo it was in his popcorn.

The two drive up to the house and park by the motor home where Mary Beth, Anna Louise, Jojo, and Mr. Jones are waiting. The boys park and they all say hi. Bo says they got quite a spread and Mary Beth says she was starting to think they changed their minds again. Luke and Anna Louise head into the motor home while Bo looks over the car, excited to try trying it. Mary Beth says that as soon as Bo unpacks she will let him drive it. Bo gets excited and Mary Beth says after lunch they will go to the track and Bo can go all out and meet the crew. Bo gets excited and says he will start unpacking now. Mary Beth stops him saying if he needs anything she lives alone in the East Wing. Jojo and Anna Louise head into the house and Bo heads for the trailer.

Bo looks around the trailer saying the lady has class and Luke tells him not to forget why they are there. Luke says he can’t forget that. Luke hides the camera in the paper towel roll. Boss and Rosco watch from a distance through a binocular. Boss gets annoyed by a mosquito and Rosco slaps it off his face, knocking Boss into a rocky creek bed. Boss, angry, heads up the hill to scold Rosco.

In Carver’s office, Bender tells Carver that the Dukes have arrived and asks if the boys are going to interfere with his plans. He says nothing and no one will interfere with his plans.

At the track, Bo gets ready to drive and Luke reminds him that he’s only checking to make sure everything works. Bo says he knows and has Wayne, one of the pit crew, help him with the seat belt. Luke asks Jeff and Terry if everything is alright and Terry confirms. Meanwhile Boss and Rosco overhear with a listening device Rosco got working. Bo fires up the engine, alarming Boss. Everyone watches Bo take off in the car, Luke not as amused with Bo’s antics. Bo asks Bo how it’s running through the radio and Bo confirms everything is fine before driving through the obstacles. Everyone cheers as Bo returns and check out the car. Luke helps Bo out as J.J. and Bender arrive. Bo tells Luke that he knows he’s supposed to be interested in the girl but the car is something else. Luke tells him to keep his mind on business.

Mary Beth runs over, telling Bo that was some kind of driving. J.J. Carver and Bender arrive and approach them. Luke asks what he thinks and he says he just lost his best income tax write off. Carver praises Mary Beth’s operation as Bo ruffles Luke’s hair. Mary Beth says she knows her dad has a business deal cooking but would he still make it to the race on Saturday. Bo and Luke look at each other, realizing they have a clue. Carver tells them all he has arranged for lunch by the swimming pool before having Mary Beth walk him to the car. Bo and Luke talk about it and Luke tells Bo to get Mary Beth alone and see if she knows more than she realizes. Meanwhile Carver reminds her she isn’t supposed to talk about his business deals in front of others. Mary Beth doesn’t think Bo would be more interested in his business than her. Carver and Bender leave.

Duke Farm

Jesse walks around Bo and Luke’s room, looking at their trophies. Meanwhile Daisy cooks. Jesse comes into the kitchen and Jesse says he was thinking they could drive up to Capitol City and see the race on Saturday. Daisy says they both have things to do, and that he promised to help Cooter with the inventory. Jesse remembers that and goes to say grace and Daisy stops him saying she respects how Jesse feels but she wants him to respect how she feels. He agrees.

Carver Estate

As they finish up lunch, Luke says he wants to go for a walk and work some of the lunch off. He looks at Anna Louise asking if anyone wants to join him and she says she would like to take a walk too. The two leave and Mary Beth and Bo are left alone at the pool. Mary Beth asks Bo that when he said Carver’s words weren’t all they considered the day before, was she one of the things he took into account and Bo confirms it. They go to kiss but Mr. Jones interrupts them. Bo tells him to get out of there and the chimp leaves. After Mr. Jones leaves, they kiss.

Luke carries Anna Louise’s bag and she says she can carry it. Luke goes to hand it back only to ‘drop’ it and see the gun inside. Anna Louise explains that her and Jojo are Mary Beth’s body guards. Luke says he noticed Jojo is more interested in Anna Louise than Mary Beth. They notice Jojo going into the trailer Bo and Luke are staying in and Luke becomes angry, running down to confront him. Jojo and Luke fight and Anna Louise breaks them up. Luke and Anna Louise heads out for the track.

Boss and Rosco watch the others leave and decide to follow them. Boss says they need to follow them to find the evidence to show J.J. Rosco says it’s a fools errand but Boss insists they go. As Rosco goes to help him off the car he accidently tosses Boss.

Capitol City Track

At the track, the Dukes, Mary Beth, and Anna Louise look over the car with the pit crew. Bo checks in with one of the crew members, Pete, before asking Mary Beth when the time trials are and learning they are the next day, the same as the race. When Mary Beth says they do things different out there, Bo recalls they did the same thing last year. Mary Beth tells him that the engineer who designed the car would like to ride with him and assuming it is Herky, Bo agrees. He is stunned to learn it was Mary Beth who designed the car. Bo asks why she didn’t tell him before and Mary Beth says some men are intimidated by women who can do that. Bo says not him and for her to hop in and asks Herky to get her a seat. Herkey says it’s already done.

The two get in the car and Luke talks to Anna Louise, learning Carver works from home. Boss and Rosco walk around, pretend to be working for the raceway as janitors. In the car, Mary Beth keeps reaching over Bo to check the gauges. At first Bo tries to be nice about her reaching into the space but as she keeps doing it he gets angry. Bo loses control of the car for a moment and pulls into the pit crew, alarming Luke and the others. Bo gets out, yelling at Mary Beth. She says she was only trying to get the readings and Bo reminds her that it was dangerous and she could have killed them before saying she should have just asked him and he would have told her. Fed up, Bo tells Mary Beth to drive it before storming off.

Boss and Rosco listen as Bo and Luke talk. Bo says Mary Beth is a big problem and he’s done. Luke tells him to hold on as she’s just a spoiled brat and they have a job to do and they aren’t backing out now. Luke tells Bo to keep his wits about him and cool down. Upset, Bo agrees.

Carver Estate

That night Luke sneaks around the house and looks into Carver’s den through the window. He sees Carver drawing lines on a map when Jojo comes up behind him, putting a gun to Luke’s back and telling him to hold it where he is.

Balladeer: Hm-hmm, If you think this is bad, take a look at what’s coming.


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Hazzard County[]

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  • J.J. Carver's Home
  • Capitol City Speedway


  • This two-part episode is the second time to portray a main characters birthday, the pervious time being Cooter's in the Canterburry Crock.
  • According to the reporter in the video, Bo won 8 races during his time on the circuit.
  • The Balladeer remarks that Bo and Luke were on the football team in school
  • Boss watches the tv show 60-Minutes, a tv show that started in 1968 that focused on news stories
  • When Bo learns Mary Beth had designed the car he is impressed and accepts it instantly. This shows a strong growth from his meeting with Frankie, who he argued with as a 'woman mechanic'.


  • The unnamed pit crewman was portrayed by NASCAR driver Terry Labonte, who that November would win the first of his two NASCAR Sprint Cup Series championships. In January 2016, he was inducted to the NASCAR Hall of Fame.