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"Vance's Lady" is the seventh episode of the fifth season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.


Vance's former girlfriend Jenny Walden comes to Hazzard to see Vance, and Jenny is being chased by Wade and Dugan, associates of crooked State Senator Jason W. Maynard, who are trying to kill Jenny because she witnessed Senator Maynard embezzling state funds. The Dukes try to convince a terrified Jenny to report Maynard to the Senate Crime Commission. But when Wade and Dugan trick Boss into helping them find Jenny, will it be too much for the Dukes to handle?


Balladeer: Now friends, General Lee is charging down the highway of Hazzard County here, not because he’s being chased but because it’s a first-class, uptown, red-letter, gold-star day for Vance Duke. Old Vance is all head up about seeing the lady that he was engaged to be engaged to some tow or three years back. In Hazzard, that’s practically being hitched.

The boys jump the General before heading to town. Vance gets annoyed as he drives, saying they would be there already if they hadn’t been polishing the General. Coy reminds him that he was the one who wanted it for a good introduction. Vance says he’s more worried about being there for Jenny getting off the bus.

Ahead, Rosco and Flash are parked and Rosco gets out his lunchbox. He excitedly tells Flash he brought exciting things for lunch and Flash barks over the hot dog until Rosco gives her a bone. Vance and Coy drive by and Rosco concludes that the boys aren’t speeding but he will chase anyway. He tries to take the bone from Flash but she refuses. He manages to pull it free only to fall over a branch.

Coy asks how Vance met a girl like Jenny and Vance says when he was in port at Savannah. Coy asks what broke them up and Vance explains they just wanted different things. He says she has been living in Atlanta looking for action. Coy asks why she wants to visit Hazzard after three years and they notice Rosco following. When Vance asks what Rosco wants, Coy says probably to find out if Jenny is pretty and has a sister. They decide to lose Rosco, going through a construction zone. Vance alerts the crew they are coming and goes under a fork lift. It is lowered when Rosco goes under, taking off the top half of his car. The boys stop to check on him before leaving.

Hazzard Bus Depot

Jenny arrives in Hazzard, disembarking the bus, being watched by a man. He calls the State Senator, Senator Maynard, to inform him that he found Jenny in Hazzard. Vance and Coy arrive and call Jenny over. Happily she hugs Vance before meeting Coy. Jenny kisses his cheek and Coy asks Vance that it was okay since the Dukes are supposed to share everything. Vance corrects him, saying there are limitations. When Jenny says Coy is just how Vance described him, Coy asks if Vance has been talking about him behind his back again. They decide to leave, Coy getting Jenny’s bag as Vance helps her into the car. As the Dukes and Jenny leave, the mysterious man follows them.


Coy scolds Vance for letting Jenny get away. They take a more scenic route to show it off when the car behind them start honking. The boys assume he’s drunk but he starts ramming into them. The boys get annoyed, but Jenny is terrified. Vance ends up going off the road and down a hill. The driver stops the check what happened and the three decide to check the General. The man, Dugan, calls the Senator to inform him of the failure. The Senator turns to a second man, Wade, and says that while Dugan is a good assistant he doesn’t have the stomach or conscience for this and for Wade to handle it, to the man’s joy.

Town of Hazzard

Rosco arrives in town and tries to open the door but the door falls off. He picks up Flash, knowing Boss is not going to be pleased. Rosco goes inside Boss’ office to see him eating and tries to talk about how good the weather is before revealing to Boss what happened to his car. Boss is furious and Rosco tries to assure him that it will work out. Dugan comes into the office, saying he was looking for the person in charge. Boss says for him to speak his piece quickly. Dugan hands Boss and Rosco his card, showing he is the Deputy assistant to the Senator. Boss becomes excited and has Rosco pull up a chair for Dugan. When they ask why Dugan is there, he says that he is looking for a woman who was embezzling state funds. Boss pretends to be horrified and Rosco accidentally reveals they do that all the time. Dugan says that he is supposed to handle this personally and discreetly. Boss agrees to help him, asking that Maynard would back him if he ever needed to which Dugan confirms. Boss tells him about the Dukes.


Enos sees Coy and Vance drive by and chases after them. Vance wonders why they are being chased and decides they don’t need to play by the rules if the officers don’t. They move through a construction site and Enos hits a pile of gravel, preventing him from chasing the boys.

Duke Farm

Jenny comes to the farm and meets Daisy and Jesse. When Jenny calls him Mr. Duke, Jesse corrects her saying it’s “Uncle Jesse”. Daisy wants to show her the spare room but Vance takes Jenny’s hand, saying later as he wants to show her around the farm first. The others all laugh as the two walk away, Coy asking if she does have a sister.


Boss and Rosco head to the Duke Farm, Boss talking about how this could help get in him the State Capital. Rosco asks what about him and Boss warns him that if Rosco messes this up he will be the back up bag boy at the all-night supermarket on Frontage Road. Rosco says it at the same time, annoyed.


Vance helps Jenny out of a boat and Vance asks why she suddenly wanted to come out. Jenny tries to brush it off, but Vance pushes, saying he’s wondering why the woman he loved three years ago is suddenly showing up after a single phone call. Jenny says she doesn’t have any answers and Vance backs off, kissing her instead.

Duke Farm

Rosco and Boss arrive at the Duke Farm with Enos right behind them. Enos bumps the back of Rosco’s car, knocking off the front passenger door. Jesse, Coy, and Daisy approach them and Boss informs them that Jenny is wanted for embezzling. Enos is told to arrest Coy, and Enos asks what Coy did but is told not to worry about it. Rosco and Boss go to look for Jenny but the Dukes stop him as he doesn’t have a warrant. Boss tries to write out a warrant but Rosco steps on a rake. In shock, he jumps back and knocks Boss into the water trough. As the others fuss about, Coy runs to the General and drives away. Boss yells for Rosco and Enos to go get Coy and Enos scrambles after him. Jesse invites him in the house but they are busy running away, making Jesse laugh.


Vance and Jenny continue to sit at the table, hugging and talking about old times. Coy comes driving up, telling them that Boss and Rosco are after Jenny. Jenny scrambles to get her things and get in the car, but confused Vance stops her demanding an answer. Coy tells them they need to go and the two run to get in the General.


Rosco, Boss, and Enos continue to look for Coy, who drives off having picked up Vance and Jenny. Vance pushes for an answer and Jenny tries to deflect, saying ‘it’s a long story’ to which Coy says to tell it in a short time. Rosco and Enos spot them and block the road. Coy comments ‘welcome aboard Hazzard Flight 01’ before jumping over the officers. As they continue down the road, they see Dugan approaching. Coy turns to go back the way they came. Coy then turns again, leaving Dugan to collide into the officers. While the four try and figure out what happened, the boys get away. Vance tells Coy to stop so Jenny can explain what is going on.

Wade arrives in Hazzard. He then calls Dugan to inform him of his arrival. Dugan fills Wade in and they agree they need to find Jenny before anyone else.

Vance, Coy, and Jenny get out of the General and Vance asks Jenny what is going on. Jenny says she never meant for them to get involved. Jenny explains that the man from earlier was trying to kill her to keep her from going to the Senate Crime Committee as she caught Senator Maynard stealing funds. Coy and Vance are surprised. Jenny says she ran to keep them from killing her. Vance asks about the police and she says no one would believe her. The boys say they believe her. Coy hears sirens and Vance says they need to get her to the crime committee. Jenny protests that they will keep tracking her down. Coy goes to make sure Rosco isn’t following and Vance assures Jenny before going with him.

Rosco, Boss, and Enos all pull over and Rosco and Boss yell at Enos for losing Coy and Vance. Enos says nothing and Boss threatens both Enos and Rosco’s jobs. Boss tells Rosco to go back to Hazzard so he can call out the irregulars. Rosco says they only call them out for dire emergencies and Boss says that is what this is. Enos goes back to his car and Rosco prepares to head to town, hitting Enos and losing a fender. Vance and Coy, having watched the whole exchange, determine they need that phone now.

Duke Farm

Jesse and Daisy try to find the boys on the CB, but they aren’t answering.


The boys return to the car to find Jenny is gone. Coy finds a note written by Jenny, saying she cannot let them risk their lives for her. Vance says they need to find her and they get in the General and drive off. Jesse continues to call and Coy picks up the CB, exchanging information. Jesse and Daisy agree to help, heading out in their different vehicles.

Jenny is walking around on the back roads while everyone is looking for her. She spots a police car and tries to run, but Enos catches her. Jenny explains that Maynard is trying to have her killed. Enos takes her to his car, saying he can hardly believe that. She begs him for help and Enos promises to help.

Police Department

Boss Hogg is practicing a speech in his office. He hears a call from Enos and is annoyed when he answers. Boss says Enos should be looking for the girl and Enos says he already found the girl. Boss says to bring the girl to his office.


Coy and Vance sneak up behind Enos, pretending to be criminals and telling him to put his hands over his head, which Enos does. Enos says they better not hurt Miss Jenny and Coy handcuffs him before they reveal who it is. Enos is upset and Vance says it’s nothing personal. The boys and Jenny go to leave and Enos asks for his keys. Coy tosses them aside and Enos puts the cruiser in neutral in an effort to get the keys.

Police Department

Rosco goes into Boss’ office, saying they have the irregulars lined up but Boss says they don’t need them anymore.


Vance says they will go to the nearest phone and call the Capital. Vance makes the call but Besse Lou, who works at the phone office, says all the lines are busy while Dugan stands over her. In the General the boys conclude it’s too convenient. Jenny asks what now and Vance says they will just go to the Crime Commission. Vance calls the other Dukes and they all agree to meet up. Meanwhile Dugan figures Jenny and the others will try to drive to the Commission. Wade tells Dugan to just him corner them and Wade will handle the rest.

Police Department

Boss sits at his desk eating pizza with signs of ‘Hogg for President’. Rosco and Flash watch and Rosco brings up the fact Enos let the Dukes escape. Boss hangs up, saying Bessie Lou just called him and told him Vance tried to call the Crime Commission. Boss laments losing a political career before ordering Rosco to set up Enos at Whittling Corners before going out to Old Mill Lane to keep the boys from leaving the county. As Rosco makes the call, Boss takes the pizza to the car.

Duke Farm

The Dukes and Jenny discuss how they can leave. Vance says that everyone will be looking for the General Lee so he wants them to see it with Daisy and Jesse while the boys and Jenny will take the pickup. Daisy says they will muddy the window so no one will know it’s them. Coy says it’s all set but Jenny says no as she won’t let them risk their lives for her. Daisy and Jesse brush the concern off however, saying it won’t be the first time and the Dukes don’t like crooked politics. Daisy starts putting mud on the windows while the boys and Jenny drive away in the pickup.

Old Oak Road

Boss and Rosco set up a road block while Boss eats his pizza. Enos has set up his own road block at Whittling Corners.


Enos is surprised to see the General and calls Boss to inform him. Boss tells him over the CB to stop them. Daisy turns around, headed in the other direction and Enos follows.

Dugan and Wade listen over the radio and call each other. Wade tells Dugan to go to the west side of Cotton Corners and wait there for him to drive the group over.

Daisy and Jesse are amused with Enos following and after passing the pickup, the boys head toward Whittling Corners, knowing Enos is now engaged. Boss and Rosco celebrate their premature victory.

In the General, Jesse tells Daisy to take a right at Cottonwood corners. As she does, they see Wade who starts shooting at them. Startled, Daisy turns around and goes back the way they came. As Daisy tries to keep from getting hit, they see Dugan ahead with the road blocked and a gun pointed at them. Daisy drives off the road and into a ditch. Dugan and Wade run up to the car to see none of the people they were looking for, to which Jesse comments ‘surprise.’

Rosco calls Enos on the CB, assuming the Dukes turned off at the junction and they decide to split up. However due to a miscommunication they try to go in the same direction, crashing their cars together and knocking off another of Rosco’s fenders.

Dugan calls Vance over the CB while Wade holds them at gunpoint, informing the Duke boys and Jenny that they have Daisy and Jesse. He threatens to harm them if the boys don’t have Jenny back to the Duke Farm in an hour. Jenny asks to go back to the farm and Coy says he doesn’t think they plan to let anyone go. Vance suggests if they have more people show it, it may help. He picks up the CB and Coy nods showing he understands. When Jenny questions what they are talking about, Coy says Boss and Rosco don’t want anyone to get hurt. The three head to the farm.

Boss sobs about losing his political hopes and dreams as Enos and Rosco listen. Vance calls them on the CB and Rosco answers, telling the boys to release Jenny to them. Vance says they can have Jenny at the Farm and tells them to listen to the CB as they do. Boss agrees and the three head out to join them, losing Rosco’s last fender as they do.

Duke Farm

The boys and Jenny arrive at the Farm where the henchmen are with Daisy and Jesse. Vance turns on the CB, which Daisy immediately notices. Boss, Rosco, and the rest hear the conversation and are shocked. The Dukes all list out all of Maynard’s crimes for everyone to hear. The two men leave with Jenny and the Dukes all chase after them. Vance and Coy are in the General and Jesse and Daisy are in the pickup.


Enos concludes Jenny was telling the truth and Boss tells Enos that he heard him. He then tells Rosco to hurry up as they are helping the Dukes. Rosco and Boss pass Wade, Dugan, and Jenny. Boss has Rosco turn around and give chase along with Enos but Rosco’s car stalls out. The Dukes pass by and Vance says they need to cut off the car at Old Tree Lane.

Vance stops gets out of the General before Coy continues driving on. Vance climbs into a tree and waits. When Dugan drives under, Vance drops down on the car. Wade attempts to shoot him, but Vance gets the gun and climbs in the back. Vance and Wade fight in the backseat as Jenny tries to get the fun from Dugan in the front. Jesse pulls up alongside Dugan and Daisy squirts oil in his eyes. Dugan is forced to stop. The Dukes stop in front of his car and Jesse claims the gun while Jenny and Vance kiss.

Balladeer: So the law and order in Hazzard county had triumphed again. With a large assist from the Dukes. And the would-be governor, senator, and president of the United State, Boss Hogg, watched his dreams of a political future go right up in smoke. Right along with former senator Maynard’s. Meanwhile, Vance was going through a bit of soul searching. And friends, that do hurt. Now if I was a betting man, I’d bet this ain’t the last we’ve seen of romance in Hazzard.

Police Department

Rosco and Enos arrest Wade and Dugan. Maynard is also arrested by the state police.

Bus Depot

Vance takes Jenny to the bus stop, the rest of the Dukes following behind. Vance and Jenny say goodbye as Jenny gets on the bus. Vance watches her get in her seat before returning to his family.


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Hazzard County[]


  • Vance met Jenny while in the Merchant Marines. Jenny reveals that Vance talked about Coy much like Luke had talked about Bo while in the service.
  • This is the second episode that attempts to utilize the police reserves in Hazzard. The first episode to do so was The Great Bank Robbery
  • Enos reiterates his difficulty with typing again when Boss promises to make him a secretary in his future cabinet and Enos says 'I can't even type'.
  • In Boss' office, he puts up signs for a Presidential Campaign. One of those signs is 'Tippecanoe and Hogg Too.' This used President Harrison's campaign Slogan 'Tippecanoe and Tyler Too' from his presidential run, using his victory at the Battle of Tippecanoe to booster his vote.