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Vern Cooke is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard


Vern and Skip met Bo and Luke while they were traveling on the NASCAR circuit. They taught the boys how to fly ultralights and heard many stories about Hazzard and their cousin Daisy.


Daisy's Shotgun Wedding[]

While heading to a ‘fly in’ in Greensville, they make a small detour to see Bo and Luke. He calls Bo and Luke on the CB when they get near the Duke Farm. Bo answers asking who is calling and he says it’s their old pal Vern and he’s got Skip with him. Bo asks where he is and he says come outside and look up. Luke calls them on the CB, asking what they are up to and when he tells them about it Luke says they are welcome and to come down. After landing, Bo comments he would recognize his red hair anywhere. He shakes the boys hands and meets Jesse. He comments he thought they would get a chance to meet the pretty cousin they were always talking about and the boys say Daisy isn’t there at the moment. Vern gives Skip a skeptical look. They are surprised by Rosco and Enos’ arrival and hearing them threaten to arrest Bo and Luke, they offer the ultralights to the boys, telling them to hop in and take off. He helps Luke get strapped in. They watch Bo and Luke fly around with. Jesse until the officers give up.

As the boys land, they watch Luke lose control. He yells that the crosswind hit him and for Luke to turn into it. Unable to regain control, Luke crashes. They run over to check on him and Luke informs them that the only thing hurt is his pride. Luke apologizes for the damage and he says it’s not a problem.

After getting the ultralight fixed up, he leaves it with the Dukes to borrow Jesse's pickup and drive over to Capitol City to get more supplies with Skip.

After they return, they meet Daisy and leave for their fly in, all the Dukes seeing them off.