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Vic is a minor character from The Dukes of Hazzard.


Granny Annie[]

Big Jim Downey’s assistant. He goes with Big Jim to Hazzard after they are called by Boss Hogg. After looking over the counterfeit money, Big Jim has him show Boss the money he brought in a suitcase. When Boss explains the plates aren’t at the Boar’s Nest, Big Jim threatens Boss with Vic. Vic walks over to Boss before grabbing the chair Boss is sitting in. He picks up the chair and Boss and lifts them until Boss is level with his head then smirks before lowering the chair. He winks at Boss and leaves.

Vic and Big Jim are sitting in the Hotel room, playing Solitaire when Boss calls and head over to his office.

They go to the Boar’s Nest to pay for the plates and to prove a point for Boss changing the price, he breaks Boss’ office door on the way out. He then drives them away. When the car breaks down he gets out to see what is wrong. Bo, Luke, and B.B. Davenport come up and greet them. They offer to help as B.B. is a mechanic and Jim tells him to let them look as the only thing Vic knows about cars is where to put the key. He watches Bo and B.B. look under the hood and when Luke adds his opinion, Bo says they aren’t right and it’s the distributor cap. He walks with Bo to the side of the car. When the car suddenly starts smoking, B.B. pulls him away from the car. They return to the car and when the three leave he’s suspicious of their motives as B.B. says they are going to the garage to get them a new oil seal. When Jim opens the case for the plates he comments the plates are gone and Vic asks how. Jim says it was those three men.

They go to the Boar’s Nest and he ties up Rosco. Then they leave with Boss, intending to kill him. As he drives he notices the General Lee and warns Jim. He is cut off and forced to make a u-turn by Bo. He is forced into a turn by Bo, then another by Jesse, then Daisy. Rosco causes him to jump into a river.

He helps Jim out of the water. They are taken into custody by Rosco.