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Vic is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


By-Line, Daisy Duke[]

Hired by Boss Hogg, Vic and his partner Corey start stealing tractors. After loading a tractor into an orange truck, they get in the car saying they need to get out of there. He smokes a cigar as he drives and when they pass the General Lee, he runs Bo and Luke off the road. When his partner says he about tore the car in half, he asks if they want to go back and try again.

They go to another farm and he drives the tractor onto their truck. They go to another farm and steal a third tractor.

As they are driving, Corey points out Bo and Luke who are working on the side of the road, and asks if they are the same guys from earlier. He says he don’t know but they ain’t hanging around to find out. As he drives up a hill they notice the boys chasing them in a pickup, Corey asks if he thinks they boys know what they got and he says it’s possible. Corey says they will have a hard time outrunning the boys in the truck and he tells him ‘that’s a real bright observation’ before saying he didn’t figure they were running and that is why he picked Ridge Road. He stops at the hill to let Corey get the tractor out. He waits in the truck until Bo and Luke come up and then starts backing up the truck, trapping Bo and Luke between him and Corey on the tractor. After they flip the truck, they reload the tractor and leave.

They drive into town in their car when they see Bo and Luke again getting in the General. He comments ‘here we go’ before taking off again. Hearing a siren he says it looks like the company has company and when Corey says he thought the cops were in on it, he explains only the Sheriff is. Corey says that they shouldn’t stick around then and he tells him ‘rattle some slats boy’. When Corey says they are gaining on them, he tells him to ‘give them our reverse field running’. They escape when Cletus gets Bo and Luke.

They go to the Boar’s Nest to tell Boss and Rosco about what is going on. He tells Boss they need to get the Dukes out of their way, or he and Corey will, permanently. Boss tells them the Dukes will be taken care of. Boss says he has a plan but they will need the last tractor and the truck. He then lays it out.

Following Boss’ plan, he calls the Duke farm and tells Jesse he’s a friend of Bo and Luke’s with a little advice and for the boys own good they need to check behind the barn before the law gets there. Jesse asks who is it and he hangs up. Corey pats him on the back, having helped stash the truck and tractor behind the Duke Barn.

When Boss says it’s time for the other call, he calls the Boar’s Nest bar, telling Daisy he needs the Sheriff. After they head out with Rosco, knowing she will catch the boys with the stolen goods.

After Bo and Luke are indicated to be the tractor thieves, they return to the Boar’s Nest, listening to Boss sell the five tractors. As they go to leave, he stops outside of Boss’ office door to light a cigar. Corey calls him and he gets in the car to leave. They return to the hotel. They get a call telling them Boss has changed plans and wants to move the tractors within the hour. They head off to where the tractors are.

They load up the tractors and move them to where the buyer is supposed to meet.

As they drive they are pulled over by Boss and Rosco. Boss and Rosco start accusing them of double crossing him, but they explain they were told by Boss to move. He yells for Boss to calm down saying they got a message to get going and Boss says he never sent it. When Corey brings up a clicking noise, they see Daisy taking pictures of them. He poses for her until Boss screams for them to get the camera.

Daisy leads them around the woods until they get back to the cars and drive after her. They are unable to recover the camera and are arrested.