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Vic McGraw is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Part of a trio of con men. Sue Ann would pretend to fall in love with someone and marry them. While she is getting married, Russ and Vic would rob the town bank. After they would go to a meeting place and tie up Sue Ann’s new husband before fleeing town.


Mrs. Rosco P. Coltrane[]

After entering Hazzard, he and his partner nearly crash into the General, causing the car to flip. They stop and get out.  He yells at Russ, calling him an idiot and asking why didn’t he watch where he was driving. Luke yells out to them and he tells Russ to get out of there. They flee. As they leave he remarks they have set up a once in a life time payroll heist and he almost blew it over some dumb accident.

While they sit in town, Sue Ann walks past, stopping to tell them everything is set and she and Rosco are to be married tomorrow on schedule. They go to leave town but as they do they are spotted by Bo and Luke and chased around town before loosing the boys.

They go up on the roof tops and he tells Russ that the road going north is the road they are going to use for their escape. He says it’s all a perfect set up, Sue Ann will do her job on the hick Sheriff and they’ll have the whole town to their selves. He looks down to see Bo and Luke and they go to leave but they drop the binoculars. Bo and Luke spot them from the ground. They shove some items off the roof before running, hoping the slow the boys down. They get back to the car and drive away.

They destroy the black car, remarking that no one can trace them now, and they get the second white car. They return to town to look at the bank again. After they head to a meeting place to see Sue Ann. Vic tells her to hang in there as the armored car should be taking the payroll money to the bank about now and everything is gonna be just great. She tells them about Bo and Luke having a good description of them. He says they can’t afford any witnesses and they will take care of the boys. When she asks if they know where to find the boys he says if they are driving an orange car with an O1 on it, they sure can. They all hear a stick break and become alert. He quickly goes to investigate. Not finding anyone he returns to the others, telling Sue Ann to get back to Hazzard and they’ll take care of the boys. He grabs her and kisses her goodbye.

In town they spot the General as Bo and Luke go into the Police Department. They cut the break line and clog the carburetor, then watch the boys leave believing they will die in an accident.

While everyone is at the wedding, he and his partner go to the bank. He picks the lock to force the door open. They go inside and steal everything.

They wait on the side of the road for Sue Ann and Rosco to drive by. When the two stop, he knocks Rosco out with a punch to the face and puts him in the trunk of the police car. As they get in their own car with Sue Ann he kisses her and says ‘bye Mrs. Coltrane, hello Mrs. McGraw’. They head for the county line.

As they go Sue Ann points out a cop car following them. Bo runs him off the road and Luke throws tear gas in the car. They are pulled from the car by Bo and Luke and arrested by Rosco.