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Credited as Virgil Cooper but also called Charlie Cooper or 'Coop the Snoop' is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard and Enos.


Coop went to Hazzard High School with Bo and Luke and remained good friends with them. After graduating he left to Atlanta. He has a good reputation and makes the front page often according to Bo.


Return of the Ridge Raiders[]

While at work he is surprised and happy to see Bo and Luke, shaking their hands before also greeting Uncle Jesse. Bo remarks they have been seeing his name on a lot of front page stuff and Luke says they might have a front page story for him. Interested, he asks what is it. Bo says he’s going to have to come to Hazzard to get it and it would mean a lot to them if he does. Surprised Coop asks if that is all they are going to tell him and they say for now. Luke asks him to trust them and says they need him, his reputation, and his camera in Hazzard at Noon on Monday. Bo tells him it will help a whole lot of people before asking him if it’s a deal, holding out a hand. After a moment he smiles and says they got a deal, shaking Bo’s hand. They tell him they will pick him up at the bus stop.

Coop arrives at the bus stop and waits for Bo and Luke. He sees them pull up and he gets in the General. They arrive at the Court House and he gets out, greeting Boss and asking if he remembers him. Boss does and asks what he’s been doing there. Coop takes his picture and Bo says that Coop is doing a story on people who defraud senior citizens before asking that its front page stuff. He says ‘you got it’. He asks Boss about such frauds and Luke elaborates about using senior citizen funds for personal use. Boss says there is no such thing, to which Coop writes down. Luke tells him that the truck of equipment behind them was for the Senior Citizen Center. Luke says there is just one thing that is puzzling ‘Mr. Cooper’ to which Coop, confused, asks him that there is before quickly turning to Boss saying there is. He tells Luke to tell Boss what is puzzling him and Luke brings up the guns the officers are holding. Boss claims it's for a 21 gun salute to the senior citizens. He then writes down the story.

They attend the groundbreaking for the Senior Citizen’s Center and he writes another story.


While only being seen in one episode of each The Dukes of Hazzard and Enos (Now You See Him, Now you Don't), Coop has been mentioned multiple times and is usually a person Bo and Luke can call to get information.