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Vonnie Fairchild, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Heiress Daisy Duke[]

Alan and Vonnie sit on the couch while Carter paces, wondering why Harry hasn’t called yet. She suggests he come up empty, adding ‘like always’. Carter says that if they don’t find Vivian this time, he will call of the search before leaving the room. She reminds Alan that as soon as he calls off the hunt, they become his sole heirs. Alan asks what if Harry finds the girl and she says they make sure their beloved uncle never sees her alive because nothing is going to stand in the way of them inheriting everything.

That night they watch Carter get a phone call and he informs them that Harry found Vivian. When Alan asks what do they do now, she says Alan is going to buy a car that Harry hasn’t seen and they will go to Hazzard. She says they will find out if Harry is telling the truth and if so they see to it that little Vivian doesn’t make it back alive.

The next morning, Alan and Vonnie stake out the Boar’s Nest and see a woman in a jeep pull up. She pulls off her sunglasses, yelling ‘Good lord!’ She says Vivian looks exactly like her mama and Alan confirms it’s Vivian. She says it is a shame for her to die so young. They watch Jesse Duke come and confront Boss, Vivian, and Harry before the three get into a car and leave. Vonnie says to follow them. As they do, Jesse gets between them and Vivian and she tells him to go around the old man. Alan runs him off the road. They run the car with Harry and Vivian off next but no one gets hurt. Alan asks if they try again and she says they do, just not now. They head home.

Alan and Vonnie stand side by side and Carter asks ‘Vivian’ a few questions before confirming it is her. Carter asks Vonnie and Alan to show Vivian around for a bit. They go outside and she suggests Alan take Vivian out for a ride at Red Ridge Hill. Vivian agrees and thanks her to which she says it was her pleasure. As Alan gets ready to leave she tells him to do as she said and after poor Vivian’s funeral they will be the sole heirs.

After Alan and Vivian leave, she is saying goodbye to Boss and Harry but they are surprised by the arrival of the General Lee with Bo and Luke Duke. The boys recognize her glasses before asking where Daisy is. Luke asks about who tried to run them off the road, saying it was her. She denies it, asking why she would try to harm Vivian but Harry announces that she would inherit everything. Luke asks where their cousin Daisy is, shocking her and they confirm it’s not Vivian. Horrified she tells them that her husband just went to Red Ridge Hill and for them to hurry. She tries to flee but Harry stops her saying she isn’t going anywhere and Boss disagrees saying she is coming with them as they go to stop Daisy from getting killed.

They arrive to see the boys saved Daisy and knocked out Alan. She runs over to check on him.

After they are arrested by the state police.