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Bldg 2 - WHOGG Radio (to the left of Hazzard bank) (7)

Hazzard County's only radio Station, owned by Boss Hogg. The radio station frequency is 1090. [1] The Radio station holds a program called 'Who's Who' where they interview an important person from the community.[2]


The W.H.O.G.G. Radio Station is located in the Town of Hazzard next to the surplus Store.


Radio Station
Bldg 2 - WHOGG Radio (to the left of Hazzard bank)

The Radio Station has one main room with a storage room in the back. The radio equipment is against the two windows in the front of the building. A number of records and awards are hanging on the walls. There is also a couch for guests.



Season 2[]

People's Choice[]

As part of the Supervisory Director of Hazzard County Election, Boss Hogg and his Competitor Thelma Claire Rogers are both supposed to be allowed to make speeches over the Radio Station. However Boss refuses to allow Thelma Claire equal time until after the election. Boss is introduced on his speech by Alex, but before he can finish Bo and Luke take over the radio station and air Thelma Claire instead. Boss has the entire station shut down.

Season 4[]

Bad Day in Hazzard[]

Boss Hogg calls the Radio Station and explains he wants to make an announcement. Over the transmitter, he tells everyone in Hazzard that there will be a spraying for fruit flies in the Town Square that afternoon and for everyone to stay indoors.

Season 5[]

The Return of the Mean Green Machine[]

Needing some of the broadcasting equipment, Vance Duke goes to see Bonnie as she comes out of work. He begs her to let him use some of the equipment, which she protests at first as it could cost her a job but she relents and agrees.

Season 6[]

Enos' Last Chance[]

In order to flush out Frank Scanlon, the Dukes convince Elton to do a special on Enos for the 'Who's Who' program. While Elton interviews Enos on the radio, they receive a call from Scanlon informing them that he has taken Daisy Duke hostage.

Season 7[]

Strange Visitor to Hazzard[]

Boss Hogg has organized to have a special broadcast at 5pm. However before he can hold it, two men named Mickey and Buck take the Radio Station by force. When Boss, Rosco, and Enos come in to do their broadcast, the three are locked in a closet with Elton. After Bo and Luke come in to confront the two men. Little Cousin comes in to back them up and Mickey and Buck get the upper hand. Bo and Luke are tied up and left while they kidnap Little Cousin. All six captured men get free.

During the capture of the Radio Station, a fake broadcast was sent out that terrified the people of Hazzard. After being freed, Elton restored peace.