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Mr. Wade is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Vance's Lady[]

While in Senator Maynard’s office, the Senator is informed that Jenny, who has evidence against them, escaped. Maynard turns to him, saying that Dugan has a weak stomach for these things. When the Senator tells him to handle it, he grins.

He heads to Hazzard, using a map to ensure he finds it. He calls Dugan and asks if he has found who they are looking for. Dugan tells him about the General Lee and says they are headed north. He says they can’t be headed for the capital then and Dugan says not unless they plan to double back. Dugan tells him they have another problem with the town Politician. He tells Dugan if there is one thing they don’t need is cops and to call them off. Dugan says he tried and they just need to find Jenny before anyone else does. He tells Dugan he’s going to cut across a place called Morningside Drive and go north, and they might get lucky.

Dugan calls him to tell him the Dukes and Jenny are going to attempt to drive to the State Crime Commission. He tells Dugan not to worry as there are only two roads they can take. He says they can cover both of them. When Dugan tries to talk around what they are doing, he says he knows Dugan doesn’t want to get his hands any dirtier than they are. He says for Dugan to just help corner them, and he’ll do the rest.

While in the car, they hear the police mention the Dukes were at Whittling Corners. When Dugan calls him, he confirms he heard the conversation and tells Dugan to go to the West Side of Cotton Corners and wait there. He explains he’ll go in from the west and force them in Dugan’s lap. When Dugan protests, he says that he told Dugan to just hold them and he’ll take it from there. He arrives at the intersection, seeing the General Lee coming toward him and begins firing. The General turns and goes the other way and he continues to chase. When the General goes into a ditch in front of Dugan, he runs over with Dugan to the car to see Jesse and Daisy inside. He holds Daisy and Jesse at gunpoint while Dugan calls Jenny and the Duke boys.

They go to the Farm when the boys and Jenny arrive. As they Dukes and Dugan talk about the situation, he tells them all to stop as he was ordered to get rid of all the witnesses and that is what he’s going to do. Dugan notices the Dukes had a CB on and was broadcasting the whole thing. He goes to the truck and grabs Jenny, dragging her to the car and telling Dugan to drive. They get in and leave.

While on the road, they are startled when Vance lands on the top of the car. He attempts to shoot Vance, but Vance gets control of the gun before hitting him. Vance climbs in the car and they fight in the back seat until the car stops. Vance knocks him out.

He is later arrested.