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Ward S. Davis, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


The Great Insurance Fraud[]

As he drives down the road he sees the General Lee. Coming up behind them, he honks at the drivers to get out of the way before swerving around. As he continues down the road, a stop sign suddenly pops up but he keeps driving. A few moments later he hears sirens following him and the General leaves but the officer continues to chase him. He temporarily loses the officer when he passes a farmer, but Rosco catches up to him and pulls him over.

He asks if he did anything wrong and Rosco tells him to get out of the car. He does and Rosco says he came through a stop sign and it will be a $300 fine. Surprised, he asks isn’t that kind of steep and Rosco remarks ‘well it is if you’re sucker enough to pay it.’ Rosco tells him he might be able to lower it to $150 and Ward asks what would he have to do. Rosco offers him an insurance policy of ‘a million dollars worth of accident insurance.’ He takes Rosco’s pen, saying he guesses he’ll take the policy and signs the paper.

He returns to the RV where Lavinia is waiting. When she asks how it went, he tells her that Boss Hogg really is selling a phony insurance racket. She asks if he let them sell him a policy and he remarks ‘oh, he sold me a policy’. When she approaches him, he grins and shows it to her. She tells him all they need to do now is fake an accident and collect the money. She hugs him but then pulls back to ‘get into some working clothes’. He calls out to her and when she responds he tells her never mind.

Ward goes to town and gets gas from Cooter at the Hazzard Garage. Cooter says it will be $11.46 and he asks if Cooter can take a credit card. When Cooter agrees he asks if he can also use his phone. Cooter agrees to that as well and tells him it’s alright as long as it’s collect and to have Mabel do it.

After he leaves town and meets up with Lavinia on a road. He sets up the car to have an accident. He shows Lavinia the bomb, and explains he set it for a minute and fifteen seconds to give him time to bail out before it goes over the side. Lavinia tells him to be careful, which he says he will before jokingly telling her that something tells him it isn’t going to be Hogg’s day. He drives the car down the road and bails out near a curve, letting it go over the side. He is surprised to see another car, the General Lee, was coming the other way. He gets in the yellow car with Lavinia and they leave.

They return to the RV and celebrate. He tells Lavinia that they couldn’t have planned it any better than the second car coming when it did. He says they now have someone to blame.

The next morning Lavinia leaves. While she is out she calls him in the RV to inform him that Vance and Coy are headed to Bottomless Lake and to ‘take care of it’.

Ward arrives at the lake and parks next to the General Lee. He walks over to the edge of a hill, seeing Coy and Vance below. He takes a stick and uses it as leverage on a large boulder, rolling it down the hill at the boys. Seeing the boys survive the fall, he flees.

Lavinia returns to the RV, alarmed as someone is on her tail. He hides behind the RV as she distracts Vance before he hitting him in the back. He pulls Vance back in his chair, asking how much Lavinia thinks he knows and she says ‘enough’. He says they should use their backup plan, agreeing to call Ringo and have him get a chopper out there to pick them up. He ties up Vance. After Lavinia gets Boss to agree to a quarter of a million dollars, they conclude they won. He has Lavinia hide the General while he puts Vance in the RV.

They arrive at the Boar’s Nest and he lets Lavinia go inside and collect the money. When he hears Daisy reveal them for fakes, he comes into Boss’ office and has all three put their hands up. He forces Boss and Rosco into a closet and locks the door. He tells Lavinia that they will take Daisy with them. They go outside to see Ringo has arrived. He attempts to force Daisy into the chopper but she fights so he knocks her out.

Daisy wakes up as they get in the air and in desperation, attacks Ringo. Lavinia and Ward quickly attempt to pull her off. He sees Vance climb onto the chopper and lets go of Daisy, trying to tell Ringo to shake him off but Daisy goes after Ringo again, forcing him to try and stop her. Ringo informs him that they are losing fuel fast and Ward turns his attention back to Vance, preparing to shoot him. Daisy makes him lose the gun and Ringo lands the chopper. He attempts to run but Vance chases him down and tackles him. He is overpowered by Vance and captured. Rosco arrests them and puts them in a jail cell.