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Warren is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Witness for the Persecution[]

He and Barns arrive in Hazzard after being paid to find and kill Boss Hogg to prevent him from testifying. While preparing near the roadside, Barns says with his rifle he can ‘nil the government witness from 1,000 yards’. He comments especially if the witness is as fat as the one they are after. They go to leave when Bo and Luke call out to them asking them to stop. Alarmed that they are spotted, he chases after the Dukes. They ran past the boys and back track to see them flee in the General Lee. He comments that they are bound to be recognized by the boys if they spot them again and Barns assures him they’ll spot them first.

They arrive in town and spot Boss Hogg’s car, saying that is the only one like it and it looks like he is headed to the Town Hall. However seeing someone else get out of the car, they leave.

They go into the Boar’s Nest and meet Daisy and Enos. He greets them and says they represent the bible encyclopedia and received an inquiry from a prospective customer named Jefferson Davis Hogg. When Daisy says he’s in Charlottesville they go to leave but then Enos and Daisy start to argue about where he is. He tells them he can see Boss is a very busy individual and they leave. Outside they conclude that Boss must still be in Hazzard when they spot Bo and Luke. He says if they go to the local law then they won’t be able to go after Boss. He pulls up alongside the General.  He does but Bo slams on the breaks. He tries to turn around, putting the front end in a ditch.

They go back to Town to ask around about Boss, including asking Cooter under the guise of Salesmen.

He waits for Barnes on a pay phone and when Barnes finishes they notice Bo and Luke. He drives after them, following them into a tunnel. However he sees a truck and is forced to go in reverse and backs out into a ditch. They get out and head to town. They look for the boys when they see Rosco. Mistaking him for Boss due to the white clothes, they set up to kill him but they learn that it’s the wrong person and spot Boss as he yells at Rosco from the bed of a pickup. They follow the pickup and he keeps close. Barnes says they just need one hit to the gas tank and it will all be over. He tells him a left turn is coming up and he will be right on target. Before the left turn comes up, Daisy comes flying on the road in the truck. They drive back and forth a few times and he screams at her to get out of the way. She tells him she’s trying. He gets around her and continues his pursuit. They catch up to the truck and he follows the boys off road and into a riverbed. They arrive at the farm just after the boys and he parks to let his partner shoot at them. As Bo and Luke leave with Boss, they resume the chase. They drive down the road and accidentally jump into a creek. They are arrested by Enos after Bo pulls them out of the water.