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The Wedding Preacher or The Preacher is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


People's Choice[]

Wedding Preacher in Chicamahonee. He is marrying Mabel and Emery when Bo, Luke, and T.C. pull up at the chapel. He tells them they will just have to wait their turn as he has a christening and three more weddings following this one. They cut him off to ask to borrow Emery for a moment. He gives Emery his blessing to sign off on the paper and is startled by Bo’s cheer. When Bo and Luke say they need to take Emery to Hazzard, he tells them all that his schedule is very tight. He says if it isn’t now he can’t marry them before Thursday late in the afternoon. Mabel tells him to put them down on Thursday and they all leave.

He starts the wedding on Thursday, saying they are once again gathered but is interrupted by Bo and Luke’s arrival. When Bo and Luke say they need to take Emery to Hazzard again, he asks Emery and Mabel if they would please consider keeping Bo and Luke off the guest list. When Emery agrees to go, he announces that his schedule simply will not tolerate another postponement. Luke comes up with a plan. He marries Mabel and Emery on the back of the pickup headed to Hazzard.