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"Welcome Back, Bo 'n' Luke" is the nineteenth episode of the fifth season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.


Bo and Luke return to Hazzard County after a great season on the NASCAR Circuit, where they won the Mobile Cup in Mobile, Alabama. They wanted to come home because they missed Hazzard County too much to stay away. Coy and Vance have decided to leave Hazzard to take care of their Uncle Elbert and Aunt Bessie's farm while Elbert is in the hospital. As Bo and Luke soon discover, things are still pretty much the same in Hazzard. For the past couple of months, Cooter has been moonlighting at the Chickasaw Garage and getting hardly any sleep -- and for a good reason. Boss Hogg has deliberately raised Cooter's mortgage to a balloon payment of $5,000 so Boss can have a reason to foreclose on Cooter's garage, because Boss wants to build a new shopping center in its place. Also, NASCAR driver Petey Willis (Donald May) has come out of retirement to prepare for the Atlanta 500. But Petey's car crashes during a practice run after Cooter worked on it and installed high-performance gas hoses in the engine. Petey's daughter Sarah Ann (Lori-Nan Engler) gets upset and blames Cooter, so a devastated Cooter decides to sell the Hazzard Garage to Boss Hogg, and move to the mountains to become a recluse. Boss tells Rosco to take the Hazzard Garage's deed to Atlanta and record it. Bo and Luke figure out the cause of the crash -- the pressure going through the fuel line burst a hole in the line, spraying gas all over the manifold. The Dukes are surprised that the manifold did not burn up. In an attempt to kill Petey, someone removed a high performance fuel hose that Cooter installed, and installed a low performance, store-bought fuel line in its place, knowing that it would blow, and cause Petey to wreck. Sarah Ann tells Bo and Luke that Petey's backup driver, Joey Bryan (Chuck Wagner), is not exactly happy about the idea of Petey driving in the Atlanta 500, because Joey himself wants to drive in the Atlanta 500. It was Joey who installed the low performance fuel line in Petey's car. It turns out that Joey wanted Petey out of the way, because Joey had bet on someone else to win the Atlanta 500, and he stands a good chance of losing the bet unless Petey is out of the race. While Bo and Luke go after Joey, Jesse tells Cooter what is going on, and Daisy comes up with a plan to stop Rosco from recording the deed to the Hazzard Garage.


Balladeer: Ah, this is Hazzard, but that ain’t General Lee. Sure acts like it though don’t it? Franky, I didn’t know anybody in Hazzard could drive like that except the Dukes. But it can’t be them because the Dukes are at the Boar’s Nest, as are all other male corpuckles in Hazzard. That’s the Tri-County Beauty Contest which would stiffen the spine of any red-blooded American boy. Except Cooter, ‘cause he ain’t here. You see, he’s supposed to be a judge and for Cooter to miss this, well y’all know something is wrong. Well, while the judges are busy scoring points, Coy and Vance are trying to pick out the best cook. Anybody who believes that will buy Tennessee beach property. Course Enos has only got eyes for Daisy, who as last year’s queen, gets to crown the winner.


A yellow car drives down the road, going up on two wheels for a bit before coming back down on four. Two men inside in orange jumpsuits continue their trip, tearing up the dirt roads.

Boar’s Nest

The Miss Tri-County Beauty pageant occurs at the Boar’s Nest with Miss Chickasaw taking the stage. Daisy stands by, as the former queen, to crown the winner. Cooter’s seat at the judges table is empty though but Boss, Rosco, and Jesse are all present. Rosco tries to copy Jesse’s scores, which annoys him. Enos ignores the girls to stare at Daisy, and noticing this she pinches his cheek. As Vance and Coy help a girl off the stage, Coy asks to show the others the telegram but Vance tells him not there and to put it away for now. Boss gets up and collects the votes to announce the winner. He says there is a tie and he goes to announce the winners despite everyone commenting about it.

The Yellow car pulls up and the two men in jump suits come into the Boar’s Nest. They looks around for a moment before removing their helmets just as Boss goes to announce the girls. However, seeing the boys, Boss yells ‘Bo and Luke Duke!’ and everyone forgets about the contest to rush and greet the boys. Vance and Coy get up first, shaking their hands as people swarm them and Daisy hugs them. Jesse asks why they didn’t tell them they were coming while Boss whimpers at the turn of events. Bo and Luke admits they are there to stay and says there isn’t any trouble. Jesse and Daisy leave to cook and Daisy says she is happy to have the whole family together again.

In the back Boss and Rosco talk about how the boys are not going to be happy about Boss’ plan to foreclose on the garage to put in a shopping center. Boss shows Rosco the model, saying there is nothing the boys will be able to do about it anyway. Rosco adds that Daisy isn’t going to be happy to see the burger joint and Boss says Daisy won’t see it because Rosco is going to hide the model. Rosco asks how he’s supposed to hide it but Boss disregards it and leaves. Flash starts barking.

Duke Farm

The Dukes start opening gifts from the boys. Daisy says she loves the shirt and hugs Bo while Jesse opens a food processor. He asks what it is and Luke says it is supposed to help in the kitchen. Bo and Vance sit on one couch as Luke and Coy sit on the other and Jesse and Daisy look at the boys telling them to explain what is really going on. Luke tries to play dumb but Jesse insists and Bo tells Coy to hand over the letter. Coy tells him that Uncle Elbert was in the hospital and Aunt Bessie needed help on the farm. The boys explain that they thought it would be a good idea for Vance and Coy to help out and since Bo and Luke were already headed that way and had decided that they missed home they would return home for good. Jesse is upset that they are giving up their dream and the boys say they got one more surprise. Luke sends Bo to get it and Bo shows the family the NASCAR Mobile Cup First Place Trophy. Bo says it was the grand prize. Jesse becomes emotional as they talk about how important home is and Jesse tries to brush it off with them eating crawdad bisque. They all sit down to eat.

Hazzard Garage

Cooter stumbles up to the Garage, clearly exhausted. He has been working at the Garage during the day and Chickasaw Garage at night to meet the balloon mortgage payments on his garage to Boss, which have been about 20 times normal. As he comes to the door he sees Boss and Rosco. He asks what brings them out there and Boss tells him that one of the repairs Cooter did broke down and Boss isn’t going to pay for Cooter to fix it again. He reminds Cooter that next week his payment is due and since Cooter hasn’t been able to get a loan from any bank in the state he is going to start looking around. Angry, Cooter tells him to stop where he is because this property is still his and he wants them off. He tells Rosco to come back for his car in about an hour and to come without Boss. Boss and Rosco are dumbfounded.

Duke Farm

Daisy, now wearing the new clothes the boys bought her, leads everyone outside and Luke tells Vance and Coy that the next time they come to town they will all go to the Boar’s Nest. Jesse, Daisy, Vance, Coy, Bo, and Luke come outside and Bo remarks they hardly had a chance to talk. Vance says they can’t thank them enough for everything and Jesse says for them to write regularly, be careful on the road, to stop and eat every so often, and give their best to Bessie. Jesse hugs Vance and Coy and they hug him back. Jesse goes into the house and Daisy gives them the snack she made for them. She hugs the boys goodbye and Coy asks her to take care of Bo and Luke. She goes into the house. Bo gives Coy and Vance their suitcase back before saying it looks like they took good care of the General. Coy tells them Cooter just fixed the radiator and they haven’t tested it yet. Coy and Bo hug goodbye and Vance and Luke exchange keys to cars. Vance hands the keys to Coy to hug Luke and they tell each other to take care. Bo shakes Vance’s hand before Vance just pulls him into a hug. When Vance and Coy get into the yellow car, Bo calls out to them to remind them the doors open to everyone else’s amusement. Coy and Vance then drive away.


Bo and Luke take to the road, Bo driving the General. Luke says he never thought he could miss anything as much as Hazzard. Bo agrees. They hear sirens and look to see Enos following them. Luke says know he knows they are back and Bo goes to run but the radiator blows. They pull over in surprise and Enos come out to greet them. Bo tells him to write them up and Enos asks why he would do that, as he only pulled them over because he wanted to escort them back into town as he is proud of them. The boys are surprised and Luke says they need to take care of the radiator first.

Duke Farm

Jesse and Daisy talk about how happy they are to have the boys home. Jesse says he thinks they have matured some as they used to go tearing off into Hazzard and they are probably mozinging on into town.

Town Square

Enos uses the speakers to announce Bo and Luke’s return to Hazzard. People come running out to greet them and Boss and Rosco watch from Rosco’s office in fury. The boys stop and people swarm them to welcome them home. Rosco goes to shut the window but hits Boss’ fingers.


Bo and Luke slip into the garage, seeing Cooter under the hood of a car. Excited Bo asks if Luke knows what the ugly thing is under the hood and Luke says it’s Cooter. Hearing the boys, Cooter looks up and the three happily greet each other, Cooter hugging them both. Cooter says he got Bo’s card from Talladega before asking Luke who taught Bo to print big letters. Bo and Luke both claim it was Luke. Cooter asks how Bo did on the track and Luke teases Bo. Bo asks Cooter to come to the house for dinner but Cooter says he wishes he could. Bo tries to tempt him with crawdad bisque and peach pie but Cooter says he normally can’t resist Jesse’s cooking.

Bo and Luke are worried and alarmed. Cooter goes to work on the engine again and wonders what he’s looking for. Bo offers him a tool before suggesting he’s slipping up a bit. Bo teases Cooter saying he might have a bobcat biting at his tail but Cooter gets angry at him. Bo becomes alarmed and tries to change the subject. Luke says the radiator needs looked at again. Furious, Cooter says maybe it they didn’t go lead-footing around Hazzard they wouldn’t have these problems. Bo gets upset but Luke calms him down saying Cooter has no call yelling at them like that. Cooter gets even angrier before trying to calm down. The boys leave and outside they worry about Cooter. They wonder what to do for Cooter and decide to go talk to Daisy. Bo says they need Jesse this time.

Boar’s Nest

While passing the Boar’s Nest, they see a racecar and as they admire it, Luke recognizes it as Petty Willis’ car. The boys decide to go inside to talk to him. They find Daisy in the bar, who excitedly tells them about Petey Willis but Luke brushes it off claiming that Petey and Bo are almost drinking buddies before asking her if she heard anything about Cooter. She asks if they have seen him and they said they went to the Garage and saw someone who looked like Cooter. Daisy says she hasn’t but she will ask around. The boys then grab some beers from her and go to see Petey, Bo saying he hopes Petey remembers him and Luke says he hopes Petey remembers Bo too.

They approach the table and when Bo goes to talk to Petey, he immediately recognizes Bo and Luke and invites them to sit with him, introducing Sarah Ann and Joey. He asks what are they doing in a place like Hazzard and the boys explain it’s their hometown. Petey tells them he is planning to come out of retirement for one last race. Joey asks if they know any good mechanics and Bo says they know the best mechanic in the whole world, Cooter Davenport. Petey remarks that with a recommendation like that, how could he refuse. Joey excuses himself to confirm reservations in Atlanta and Sarah Ann expresses her dislike of the race. Meanwhile Joey calls someone named Emma to assure them they won’t lose the bet.

Bo excitedly tells Petey about his win and Petey offers to race them after getting his car tuned up to test her out. Bo agrees. Petey and the others get ready to leave and Luke tries to reassure Sarah Ann but she brushes it off, surprising them. Bo asks what that was all about and Luke says he doesn’t have the slightest idea.


As Bo and Luke head home, Enos and Rosco fall in behind them with sirens blaring. Boss gave them orders to give the Dukes a ticket on any charge they can. Seeing it’s both Rosco and Enos they realize they are going to get a ticket for this and the radiator is still busted. Rosco tries to force them off the road but his hood pops open, surprising the boys. Enos tires to keep up too but a tire goes putting him in a hay pile. The boys are still surprised but don’t question it much. Rosco radios Boss, telling him he lost the boys due to Cooter’s repairs not working. Bo and Luke hear the conversation and become concerned. Concerned and Bo says he isn’t sure he should have recommended Cooter so much. Luke says he hopes Bo is wrong. Bo says he hopes Luke is right.


Cooter is tuning Petey’s car and frustrated that it isn’t doing what he wants. Outside Jesse arrives where Bo and Luke are and the boys fill him in on everything. They go inside and Jesse confronts Cooter for snapping on the boys and remind him that the Duke’s are his friends. He asks what is going on and Cooter says Jesse is right and he’s sorry about earlier. Cooter days they are the best friends he’s ever had or will have but there are some burden’s that a man has to handle alone. Luke and Bo offer all the money they saved from the circuit, saying if that would help the problem then Cooter is welcome to it. Cooter says he apricates that but declines. Bo tries to push it, asking if there is anything they can do. Cooter says it’s personal and he wants to keep it that way. Luke asks even if it gets in the way of his work and Cooter gets annoyed asking if Luke is worried about Petey’s car. He dismisses them and they leave. Outside they ask what to do and Jesse says they can’t do anything but keep an eye on Cooter.

Petey and Sarah Ann arrive and the boys introduce them to Jesse. Petey says Cooter told him to do the race at C.W.’s spread in about an hour. When the boys agree, he and Sarah Ann go inside. Petey stops at the door to thank them for introducing him to Cooter. Jesse and Bo assure him Cooter is the best. Bo then asks if Jesse wants to come see them race and Jesse says he wouldn’t miss it but he’s got shopping to do first. Bo asks if Jesse will get him some socks, which Luke agrees to please get Bo socks. Luke then tells Bo that they need to get the radiator fixed first and they should go see Smitty at the blacksmith shop. Bo agrees. They see Joey come out of a store and Bo calls out to him but he ignores him. They go to see Smitty and Luke says because the General needs a gentle hand, he’ll drive.

After looking over the engine, Petey and Sarah Ann exit the Garage with Cooter. Petey praises Cooter’s work and insists on buying Cooter some coffee. As soon as everyone is gone, Joey sneaks in and sabotages the engine.

C.W.’s Farm

At the farm, Bo, Luke, and Petey are all wearing their racing suits. Sarah Ann, Joey, Jesse, Daisy, and Cooter are set up to watch. Bo asks how far they want to go and Petey tells him to give him all that they have. He remarks about passing the General, which Luke challenges him for ‘if’ he can pass the General. Bo and Luke get in the General, Bo driving and Petey gets in his car. Daisy, Sarah Ann, and Cooter get in the jeep while Jesse and Joey get in the pickup.

Luke calls the start and the cars all take off. Bo and Petey stay neck and neck and Petey signals them with a thumbs up. Bo and Luke hope they were worried for nothing. Up ahead, Rosco and Enos are waiting and alerted to the vehicles. They chase after them, getting Jesse and Joey’s attention in the back. Jesse says they don’t need any party crashers and proceed to serve but Enos and Rosco go around him. They go around Daisy as well but Enos gets distracted, running them both off the road into the pond. Jesse laughs about it and Rosco yells at Enos. Enos promises to catch him a catfish for supper.

Petey pulls out ahead of Bo when the engine suddenly blows and the car flips. Bo and Luke are alarmed and stop. They find Petey, having been thrown from the car, and check him over. Luke confirms he’s alive and Bo goes to call and ambulance. Luke stops him saying they don’t have time and instructs Bo to grab the others and rid a stretcher. The others pull up and Bo instructs them on what to do. Sarah Ann and Cooter join Bo and Luke by Petey and Sarah Ann blames Cooter for the accident.

Central City General Hospital

At the hospital the doctor tells Sarah Ann, Luke, Bo, Joey, and Cooter that Petey has a fighting chance, which is more than they would have thought had Bo and Luke not acted so fast. Still angry, Sarah Ann snaps that she guesses she can thank them for that and she can thank Cooter for him being in the hospital to begin with. Bo and Luke become upset and Joey excuses himself. Luke says she can’t blame Cooter for this. Joey excuses himself as the boys try to defend Cooter. Cooter walks out and the boys chase after him, trying to assure him this wasn’t his fault. Cooter says Luke was right that his personal life was eating into his work. Bo yells that this wasn’t Cooter’s fault and Luke says he thinks there is more going on here. Cooter denies it saying he can’t do any mechanic work again, he’s going to sell the garage and leave Hazzard. Bo tells Luke that there is no way this could be Cooter’s fault. Luke says they need to prove it, and that they are more responsible for this than anyone.

Boar’s Nest

Boss offers Cooter $7500 in cash for the garage. Cooter agrees to the deal, adding that he wants to keep his truck and tools. Boss agrees and has him sign the garage over before counting out the money while taking back a ten percent commission. Cooter says one good thing about this deal is that he’s now free of Boss Hogg.


Bo and Luke work on the engine to try and find out what went wrong while Jesse and Daisy go through Cooter’s records. Jesse finds that balloon payments and the fact that Cooter’s been working at Chickasaw County Garage for a few months. Luke says he knew it was money and they say they could have covered it for him. They wonder if Cooter made a mistake but keep looking.


Cooter goes into the hospital room. Sarah Ann is asleep and he goes to Petey’s bed. He apologizes to the unconscious man, leaving the money he got from Boss saying he wants Petey to have it. Cooter then leaves, not knowing Sarah Ann was awake and saw the whole thing.


Bo and Luke keep going through the engine and Bo finds the problem, a fuel line that busted as it was rubber and not the high performance line Cooter had everywhere else. The four realize someone must have sabotaged the car. While the others wonder who would do that and why, Bo remembers seeing Joey come out of Rhuebottom’s store. Luke says Joey was their friend and Bo looks away, dejected until Luke says it wouldn’t hurt to check. He asks Daisy to go and see what Joey bought, which she agrees. Luke says for Jesse to talk to Cooter about it and they are going to see Sarah Ann and see what she knows.

Boar’s Nest

Boss tells Rosco to stick out his tongue to seal the envelope. He gives it to Rosco, saying it’s the agreement between him and Cooter and he needs Rosco to get it to Atlanta before Bo and Luke discover what he did. Rosco agrees and leaves with Flash.


Bo and Luke arrive at the hospital but before they can go in they hear Daisy on the CB. She tells them that Mr. Rhuebottom confirms that Joey bought a fuel line when they saw him. They thank her before going in and talking to Sarah Ann. They told her about Joey and she admitted that Joey didn’t like Petey driving because Joey wanted to drive this time. Luke says if that was the case, Joey wouldn’t have wrecked the car. Sarah Ann recalls hearing Joey tell a friend that he was going to come into some money after the Atlanta race. They discuss it and discover Joey made a bet on someone to win the race before Petey announced he would drive. Luke sees Joey out the window and him and Bo chase after him. Joey trips them with a stretcher and runs outside to the pickup before driving off.


The boys get out of the hospital and go to the General, Luke driving. Bo remarks that Joey is a good driver. Rosco meanwhile radios Boss, telling him he is seven miles north of Chickasaw on route 7 and is just checking in. Boss asks for his ETA and Rosco says he will be Atlanta in an hour. Bo and Luke hear Rosco explain they will get Cooter’s deed to Atlanta without any problems. Bo is upset about being late and Luke says it’s not too late until the deed gets to Atlanta. He tells Bo to call Daisy. Meanwhile Luke loses Joey.


Boss starts having men tear down signs off the garage and beat down the front door.


Joey gets out of the pickup and takes a can of gas before pouring it on the road. He lights it on fire as Bo and Luke come up the road but they drive right through it. The boys see Joey go in the other direction and drive through the fire again to continue the chase.

Daisy takes a shortcut to catch up to Rosco. Meanwhile Cooter is attempting to leave Hazzard and Jesse is out looking for him.

Bo tells Luke that it looks like he lost Joey again. Luke says they have one chance and that is Joey staying on that road and they use Cotton Lane to cut onto the other side and cut him off at the freight line. Meanwhile Rosco sees a sign about ‘swim at your own risk’ with a woman’s clothes all over branches. Rosco assumes a woman is in distress and heads out to find the person. Meanwhile Daisy comes out of the bushes, getting the deed and clothes before leaving. Rosco comes back to find the clothes are gone. He assumes he hallucinated the whole thing.

Jesse sees Cooter and orders him to pull over. Cooter does and asks what is going on. Jesse says that Cooter had nothing to do with the accident informing Cooter that the fuel line had a plain old rubber hose on it. Cooter says someone switched it and Jesse agrees before asking if Cooter wants to come help find out who. Cooter agrees and thanks Jesse for everything.

Bo and Luke get at the freight line, seeing Joey and force him to stop. Joey runs, throwing a tree at them. Bo ducks to avoid it, tripping Luke who falls down, the exact opposite of what happened at the hospital with the stretcher. Bo says they are even now and Luke grabs Bo, dragging him up and after Joey. They don’t see Joey anywhere and realize he’s probably on the train. Joey pushes a tarp at them and runs down the top of the train. Bo climbs up after him as Luke runs on the ground. He waits near a lower part of the train where Bo catches up to Joey and he tries to hit Bo with a board before running again. Joey trips and Bo catches him but he knocks Bo down only for Luke to come at him from the other side. Luke knocks Joey out and Bo claps for him.

Balladeer: With Joey on his way to Hotlanta to the pokey, everything else fell into place. Petey healed up in time to accept an offer to design race cars from a big outfit in Detroit. And he gave Cooter his money back. Cooter gave the money to Boss, and the Dukes made sure that old Boss paid for the repairs on Cooter’s Garage. They made him promise there wouldn’t be anymore balloon payments. And Jesse finally got to cook his crawdad bisque, Cooter ate six helpings. Cooter gave the Dukes a free tune-up, Bo and Luke were back home and things were back to normal in Hazzard County. That just leaves one problem, I still don’t know who won that beauty contest.

Town of Hazzard

Joey is escorted to Atlanta


Bo and Luke visit Petey and Sarah Ann and they all celebrate the news Petey gets of a job offer for race car design. Sarah Ann kisses Bo, to his surprise, then Luke.

Police Department

Boss sobs as Cooter returns the money before he signs the deed back. Bo and Luke, proud of what happened, shake hands in congratulations. They also make Boss sign a check for the repairs.

Duke Farm

Cooter joins the Duke Family for a celebration dinner.


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Hazzard County[]


  • Bo and Luke Duke return from their season on the NASCAR Circit
  • Vance and Coy Duke leave the Duke Farm to help a family member. This is Vance and Coy's finale appearance in the franchise
  • The Miss Tri-Counties Beauty Pageant is held again, showing this is one year after Miss Tri-Counties.


  • This is the only episode to feature all four Duke boys—Bo, Luke, Coy, and Vance appear in the opening credits. Hit by a dip in the ratings after bringing in Coy and Vance as the new Dukes, Warner Brothers negotiated with Tom Wopat and John Schneider, and they returned to their roles as Bo and Luke Duke.