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Wendel is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Double Sting[]

Wendel is the lead bank robber working with Irving and Tom Colt and he apparently has an obsession with old movies, particularly Laurel and Hardy. Given that he is a large, heavy man, he takes the role of Hardy and assumes many of Hardy's mannerisms and he seems to be slightly mentally unwell as he insists on referring to his partner Irving (who is dressed as Stan Laurel for the robbery) as "Stanley", much as Oliver Hardy had done. He and Irving sit in the Boar’s Nest while waiting for Tom to follow step one which is getting into a fight.  After Tom gets arrested he marks his note book, gleefully saying ‘that’s step one Stanley’. The next morning they sit in the RV and watch the Court House be quarantined and he refers to Irving as 'Stanley' again.

While they get ready to rob the bank, he hears Irving go to the door and flirt with a passing woman. He tells Irving that was very sick and tells him to get ready to go.

They put on masks and head into the bank. He goes behind the bank and takes the money from the teller before telling everyone to move into the back room. They go to leave when the teller tries to come back out and he forces her back into the closet. When Irving asks about ‘gorgeous’ he asks him if he can forget women long enough to rob a bank. He gets annoyed with how long Irving is taking to chain the front door and tells him if anyone spots them to start shooting. As they drive out of town they notice a truck following them. Irving asks if he can shake him and he snaps that he’s trying to. He suggests Irving ‘pop him’ excitedly. They lose the truck after Irving shoots out a tire.

As Irving unpacks the RV, he sits in the Shack watching Laurel and Hardy, saying that they are the funniest people in the world. When Irving asks for his help, he pauses it telling him he’s the boss. Irving tells him to stop calling him Stanley already and that his name is Irving. He tells Irving to humor him and their next job he’ll be Abbott and Wendel will be Costello. He orders Irving to unload the RV and when Irving asks why now he says they are going to sink it in the lake, still calling him Stanley. Irving corrects him on his name again saying they won’t be sinking it until tomorrow and Wendel tells him there’s nothing like being ready. He says he’s still very’ peeved’ with Irving, calling him Stanley again, and says that him talking to the beautiful girl was ‘tres stupido’ and was very tacky. He tells Irving to lay out the money and he’ll count it.

Hearing yelling out in the RV where Irving is supposed to be unloading, he comes out to investigate and see Daisy. He addresses her saying ‘young lady’ before telling her she is in ‘a peck of trouble’. He yells at Irving, saying that if he hadn’t made a cute remark at the girl while robbing the bank they wouldn’t be in this mess. Daisy asks if they wouldn’t mind if she sits down while they argue and he is frustrated. When Daisy asks if they are going to the costume party he turns back to her and Irving complains about how Wendel makes them dress in costumes for all the bank robberies, the last one having Wendel as Dracula and Irving as Wolfman. He adds that Irving was terrible at wolfman and for him to find some rope to tie her up.

He is surprised when Irving returns with chains and when he asks about them Irving says he couldn’t find any rope. He watches Daisy kick Irving and run. Startled, he runs after her calling her a flake. As they chase Daisy, he needs Irving to help him down a steep hill. He then takes off running again to find her.

They tie Daisy up with fishing line after she is recaptured and he tells Irving to tie her well.

When Colt arrives he starts to get frantic, asking what is he doing there as he isn’t supposed to be out of jail until tomorrow and lamenting that none of them can do anything right. Colt tells him he ran into trouble and he asks what happened. Daisy speaks up about the poison ivy and Colt explains that they found him out in jail too. He asks where Colt’s car is and is told he had to make a getaway in that one. Annoyed and frustrated he says they are all imbeciles, that it was a very simple plan and these two idiots couldn’t follow instructions on a cereal box. When Daisy says they don’t get along very well he agrees saying 'No young lady we don’t'.  When Daisy keeps talking he has her taken inside before telling Colt that due to his stupidity they have to dump the RV and escape in the clown car. When Colt asks about the money he says it may all prove to be academic if they don’t get away. He says they have more pressing issues, like what to do with Daisy. He admits right now he’s thinking about sinking her in the lake with the RV.

He tries to get Irving or Colt to put Daisy in the RV, but they both refuse. Daisy asks if she can says something and he yells ‘No’ before reorganizing himself. He tells her she may not, that this is all her fault as it was a perfect bank heist with a true theatrical flair. It worked twice and then they came to Hazzard with a perfect set up and then they met her and ‘disaster’. He pulls her up and she tells him that they actually fit in town well and if he gives back the money an apologizes they’ll probably let him stay. He tells her ‘wrong’ and is surprised when another witness, Cooter, is brought in. As Cooter and Daisy happily reunite and talk as if nothing is happening, he asks what is going on before being told that Cooter was messing with the tires on the RV. He says the place is crawling with people and Cooter says they’ll see if he can guess how he got there. He orders to have them both tied up and put in the RV before sinking it. Cooter asks if he can ask him a question and he says no. Cooter says 'okay good' before asking the question, enraging him. Cooter asks how they plan to escape and he says they will make their get away in the orange clown car. Cooter informs him that it won’t start as he hid the distributer cap. Before they can do anything, they are suddenly attacked by Bo Duke ramming into the shack with Cooter’s truck and Luke shooting dynamite arrows at them. They take cover and he concludes all these people are all crazy. The entire shack is shoved into the water and they dive out of the house as the law show up. They are arrested by Rosco and Enos but are handed over to Ragsdale, prompting him to ask how many times does one have to surrender around there.