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Wheelman is a minor character from the series Enos.


Wheelman, nicknamed due to being considered one of the best street drivers, is a 17-18 year old young man who assists Banjo by driving a hot rod.


Grits and Greens Strike Again[]

Banjo steals from an old woman and he pulls up in his yellow hot rod, picks up Banjo and drives away.

The next day Banjo comes to see him and Ruben, calling them turkeys. He rushes over, asking how much they got. Banjo says twenty and he protests ‘for a gold locket’ but Banjo says that is all that pawn shop would give. Banjo says they will do better tomorrow. He glances back at Ruban before asking what if Doc finds out. Banjo says he’s done it before and Wheelman asks if Banjo knows what happened to the last kid who held out on Doc. Banjo asks what and Wheelman admits he doesn’t know as the kid disappeared.

Later Banjo steals in the park and runs and gets into his car. As he drives away he notices he’s being followed. Commenting ‘it’s the man’ he gets excited before speeding away. He grins, having fun as he loses the officers.

He goes to see Banjo with Ruben, showing Ruben how to access Banjo’s hideout. He whistles to let Banjo know he’s there before telling Ruben to watch the alarm on the ninth step as they climb a staircase. When Ruben trips it, he turns to the younger boy saying ‘I said the ninth step!’ before telling Ruben to just come on and Banjo will fix it later. He greets Banjo and follows him into his room. Banjo asks why he brought Ruben and he says ‘you don’t bring Ruben, he just follows.’ He laughs when Banjo snaps at Ruban for asking so many questions before informing him that a couple of kids came by and informed them that Doc called a meeting for the ‘day after tomorrow’. Banjo asks where the car is and he says it’s outside. They go to the roof and look. Banjo says to clean out the car and get new decals. He asks that they are hitting again and Banjo says yes, right after Doc’s meeting.

Banjo steals another purse and he picks him up in the car before driving away. He takes Banjo to the meeting and they slip into the back together. Doc arrives and addresses them, Wheelman being pushed back as a number of men surround Banjo. Suddenly a cop, Enos, bursts in and announces it’s a raid. A second cop arrives, Turk, and him and all the other kids scatter.

When he finishes detailing his car, making it green, Ruben rushes up to him. He says he’s busy and Ruben insists to which he snaps that he’s busy. Ruben says Doc is after Banjo and he says Banjo is hiding out at his place and Doc doesn’t know anything about that. When Ruben goes quiet he looks up at the younger boy, seeing the guilty look and stands up from his car asking ‘does he?’ Ruben explains he told Doc. They get into the car and he speeds out to Banjo’s.

A car forces him to pull over and he tells Ruben to split because he doesn’t know who the dudes are. Turk approaches the window and he asks ‘what’s happen’ man?’ and Turk addresses him as Wheelman. He gets out, asking who they are. Turk says Banjo is in trouble and Wheelman asks Turk and Enos if they are the cops. Turk shows him his bade and he turns and puts his hands on the roof of his car. Turk puts an arm around him, saying they are the only friends Wheelman and Banjo got. Doc says it’s either Doc or them. He admits Doc is with Banjo now and the two officers leave.