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Where's the Corpus is the third episode of Enos.


When a noted mobster is killed, and there's no corpse, Enos solves the case with his homespun knowledge.


Enos: Dear Daisy, one of the most interesting things about a stake out is you never know what’s gonna happen.

Enos and Turk are in the car in civilian clothes on a stake out. Turk notices movement and uses his binoculars to identify the man they are looking for, Moose Davis a syndicate hit man. Enos takes the binoculars to look too, saying he looks mean enough. Turk explains that Davis has a contract on Angelo Pecola and Enos adds that at least he found work as jobs are getting scarce. Turk gives him a dumbfounded look before scolding him, saying Davis is going to kill Angelo, who is supposed to be Davis’ best friend. Enos is horrified.

A limo pulls up and Davis gets inside to see Riker. Riker goes to pay him but Davis explains that he did not kill Angelo. When Riker expresses surprise he explains that Angelo wasn’t the one who stole the syndicates money but Riker. Davis says he wants his share. Riker concludes they will have to talk before calling the driver, Charlie, saying to drive. Meanwhile the passenger in the back pulls out a string from his pocket. As the limo drives away, Enos follows it. He begins to have issues with his Hazzard hat and tries to fix it with one hand. Turk, alarmed tells him to just forget it as they are running and to just take him. Turk puts on the lights and Enos gives chase to the limo. Enos cuts through a parking lot to cut the limo off, but the limo uses the opportunity to pull into an alley and Enos and Turk lose them. Realizing the men are gone, Enos proposes this sneak around a bit. Turk snaps that with Enos’ car they wouldn’t sneak up on a military band. After Enos and Turk leave, the limo returns to the road and drives in the opposite direction. Turk and Enos continue to look for the limo, a garbage can jammed under the front of Enos’ car. They come to a stop sign to see the limo and pull out after it again. Enos concludes they got him now and that the driver is giving up. The car pulls over and Enos and Turk get out, Turk reminding Enos that they are killers. The driver gets out first and after Enos has him on the hood they yell for the passengers to get out. An attractive woman in a dress gets out of the back, surprising her. The male from the back explains that he is Charles Winters, the Deputy Assistant Mayor. Enos and Turk look at each other, concerned.

Broggi chuckles as Enos and Turk standing in his office, saying they pulled over the Deputy Assistant Mayor. He says the Mayor has called three times about it. He receives a call from his secretary informing him the Mayor is calling again. Broggi explains to Enos and Turk that the Mayor is insisting on an apology in writing for the stunt. He asks if there was a crowd of people when Enos used cuffs. Enos said no one was there except a girl who was not the man’s wife. Broggi confirms the statement saying the ‘girl’ works for the district attorney and she was going to a community forum for better police relations when Enos arrested them. Turk insists it was a mistake, aggravating Broggi. Enos explains that Turk got a tip about Davis and they were going after him, and he was in a car just like the deputy mayor’s car. Broggi tells the two of them that Davis is dead, showing a picture of Davis dead on the road with a rope around his neck. Turk asks who found the body and Broggi says no one as the picture was delivered to the station one hour ago. Enos says they can find the people who took the picture. Broggi sarcastically says that Enos’ grasp of the fundamentals are astonishing however, they are assigned to crimes with innocent victims and sends the two to robbery. Enos pauses at the door saying even though the man was bad, it was still a murder and they can’t just let it go. Broggi says the district attorney’s task force will handle it unless they decide to arrest them too. Enos goes to continue talking but Turk bodily drags him from the office.

Enos and Turk are on patrol when they hear a call from dispatch. The two head out, Enos putting on his Hazzard hat. They arrive at the liquor store in time to see two men fleeing. Enos chases after them by running on cars while Turk follows the robbers between cars. They catch the three men and capture all three. As they cuff the man Enos expresses wanting to continue the case they were on but Turk says Broggi will be angry with them. Turk adds that in eight years he’s never worked a homicide. Enos says he recons Turk is due for one then. Turk is amused, saying he almost understands.

Riker and the man from the car are at a nice house, sharing a glass of wine. The white haired man remarked he loved them sending Moose’s picture to the cops, which Riker agrees saying it was a nice touch. He adds they need to get a hold of Angelo before he tells Chicago it was really them. However the second man insists that they shouldn’t worry since Chicago thinks Angelo did it. He then asks if Riker has any beer, offending Riker. Riker tells the other man, Blutman, to get Angelo.

Enos and Turk go to a basement full of files to see the woman from the limo. Enos apologizes to her and Turk says they will get out of her way if she directs them to a Mr. M.J. Richmond. She explains she is M.J. Richmond. When Enos expresses surprise she goes over her top schools before adding she is not liked by the D.A. and was only hired by him due to requirements of having women on staff. Enos says he thinks that is a great reason to Turk’s exasperation. Enos hands her a file on a homicide, explaining that the file is about Moose Davis and they were orders to let it go, surprising M.J. She assumes it is a joke but Turk insists they are for real. M.J. is intrigued by Enos and agrees to talk to them about the case.

Broggi is approached by M.J., Enos, and Turk. He is stunned as M.J. explains that she wants the two officers assigned to her for the duration of her investigation. He laughs and says putting Enos on a homicide is like asking a gorilla to fix your watch, adding ‘no offense Strate’. However M.J. insists that since there is no body, the prosecution is all on circumstantial evidence to which Broggi says the help she is requesting is also circumstantial. M.J. says their priority is finding Angelo and Turk reminds Broggi that his tip from “Shoes Mitchem” included Angelo. However Broggi says she doesn’t need them and he can just get a warrant for Angelo and Davis. He dismisses her but M.J. doesn’t give up, threatening Broggi before leaving saying ‘chao.’ As soon as Broggi closes the door, Enos asks if ‘chao’ means they will go work for her.

Enos looks at two knots tied side by side when someone knocks at his apartment. Enos opens the door and Turk storms in, saying it is three am and demands to know what the emergency is. Enos shows him a picture of Moose Davis’ body and then shows Turk one of the knots, confusing him. The phone rings and Enos says the knot is the same as the one in the picture before answering the phone. He greets Myrtle before asking if Uncle Jesse is on the line. While waiting for Uncle Jesse, he tells Turk to check the other knot and to notice the differences. Turk picks up the second knot but doesn’t notice anything. Enos says the knot is reversed. Jesse meanwhile comes on the line from the farm in Hazzard, asking ‘Enos, is that you?’ Enos happily greets him saying he hoped he didn’t wake them up. Jesse says he milked the goats, feed the chickens, just put away half a dozen biscuits and he isn’t his Uncle Jesse. He asks what he can do for them. Enos says he ties the best fly knots in Hazzard and is an expert fly fisherman, embarrassing Jesse. Jesse says he adds Enos was the best student he had. Enos says Jesse once said a person can tell if a knot was tied right or left handed, which Jesse agrees saying anybody knows that. Enos says that isn’t true and Enos hands the phone to Turk. Enos explains that the knot in the picture was tied by a left handed person. Turk reluctantly takes the phone, introducing himself. Jesse says he is the young man that Enos wrote to Daisy about. He asks if Turk is taking care of Enos and Turk laughs saying it maybe the other way around. Jesse says if Enos is saying it was lied left handed, then it was. He then asks what they are fishing for. Turk grins before saying ‘well Sir, now we’re fishing for a left handed murder suspect’. Jesse goes to say that is good before he realizes what they said. Enos takes the phone back, thanking him and asking him to tell everyone he loves them before hanging up.

Enos and Turk go into the office where they see Detective Bigelow surrounded by reporters. Turk notices that the man with Bigelow is Angelo. Enos remarks that he doesn’t look like a killer. As Angelo and Bigelow pass Enos and Turk, he snarks at them. Enos asks how Bigelow found him, to which he says plain old fashioned police work. Angelo says he turned himself in. Bigalow insists that he is the murderer for Moose but Turk notices that when Angelo signs the forms he is right handed.

Broggi goes into his office, asking what do they mean they have the wrong man. M.J., Enos, and Turk follow him in, M.J. saying ‘simply that you have the wrong man.’ Enos says it wasn’t Angelo and Broggi asks if that is the case why did he turn himself in. M.J. suggests it was for his protection. Enos and Turk try to show Broggi that the killer had to be left handed based on how the knots were tied while Angelo is right handed. Broggi taunts Enos by saying Charlie Chan and Hillary Queen would be proud of him. Enos is confused by the comments though. Broggi says that the picture doesn’t prove anything because for all they know the negatives were reversed before the picture was developed. M.J. says that the negatives weren’t reversed and Broggi says to prove it. She points out the wedding ring is on the correct figure in the picture, indicating it wasn’t reversed. M.J. says she takes it as they have his permission to continue their investigation before leaving with Turk and Enos. Enos calls back, promising to catch the real killer.

Angelo is brought in to see Blutman. Angelo says he has nothing to say to him, but Blutman threatens him, saying while Angelo thinks he is safe he actually isn’t. Blutman asks for the name of who tipped off the cops, threatening Angelo’s wife and child. Angelo admits it was Shoes.

M.J., Enos, and Turk go to see Angelo’s wife. They ask about any of Angelo’s contacts but she says she doesn’t know any. Turk mentions Shoes, surprising her but she quickly denies having heard of him. She tells them that Angelo is a small timer, a bad husband and father. Meanwhile her daughter comes up and pulls on Enos’ arm she pulls Enos aside. Meanwhile the wife tells them that she hasn’t seen Angelo in three months. The girl introduces herself as Angela and tells Enos that Shoes got her a bucket for her birthday. Her mother calls her home and Angela asks Enos to tell her dad that she loved her present before going inside. Enos promises to do so. M.J. and Turk go to Enos and Enos tells them she lied to them about Shoes since Angela says Shoes was there on Saturday. Turk says they have a meeting with Shoes in thirty minutes. As they head to the cars, Enos calls M.J. Ms. Richmond. She asks him to call her Maggie and says that she wants to try to talk to Angelo, but maybe later they can get a cup of coffee. Enos says that would be great but he doesn’t drink coffee. Exasperated, Turk walks off and M.J., saddened, leaves. Turk scolds Enos saying she was asking him for a date. Enos says she wouldn’t do that and Turk gets annoyed. Enos asks if he would have to do and Turk gives him a deadpanned look.

Enos and Turk arrive at a pool hall called ‘Side Pockets’ where they are supposed to meet Shoes. Turk says that maybe Shoes can tip them on who killed Davis, that is if he doesn’t get cold feet. Enos asks how can a guy named shoes get cold feet and Turk says if they are buried in cement. Inside Blutman is confronting Shoes, saying he wants Shoes gone. Shoes thinks he’s going to kill him and Blutman admits he would if the heat wasn’t on. Instead he gives him a plane ticket to Mexico City and tells him it leaves in the hour. They are told Turk and Enos have entered the pool hall and Blutman makes Shoes flee through the back door. Enos threatens to take the owner to the station and Turk notices a number of people surrounding them. Turk and Enos realize the men are looking for a fight.

One of the attackers gets tossed out a window. Turk gets attacked by two, yelling for help but Enos has a guy attacking him with a cue. Enos tosses the guy aside and goes to help Turk. He throws one through the window and the owner gets frustrated as the two groups start throwing things back and forth, breaking all his windows. The attackers flee, leaving only Enos and Turk in the hall. They turn to the owner, who quickly tells them that Shoes isn’t there and that Shoes was ran out by Sam Blutmann. Turk asks why he didn’t just tell them that before taking a sausage from the bar. Enos asks if he has any pickled eggs to the man’s confusion before leaving.

Enos and M.J. get lunch and she pays, to which Enos asks that she is paying the check. She reminds him that she invited him and Enos agrees citing it as affirmative action and says she is going to have to let him pay it back. M.J. asks him to dinner, saying her time is his. Enos talks about a lawyer’s time and she says he sounds like Riker, Angelo’s attorney. Enos is surprised and she continues to bring up Riker’s assistant Blutman. Enos informs her that was who they heard about at the pool hall.

Enos, Turk, and M.J. arrive at Riker’s office. M.J. asks Turk to be careful and Enos tells her that Turk can talk like a preacher at Sunday dinner. Turk says a preacher has the good book on their side and Enos asks if they don’t. M.J. wishes him luck again and Turk heads inside.

Riker is concerned that the murder of Davis will get traced back to them. Blutman assures him that the cops have nothing, especially with Shoes gone. Riker asks about the brawl at the pool hall and Blutman says it was nothing. Riker is informed by his secretary that a ‘Mr. Adams’ is there to see him, claiming to be referred by Angelo. Riker allows Turk to come in, Blutman hiding behind a curtain. Riker asks what he can do for Turk and Turk says Angelo recommended him if Turk ever needed help. Riker says that is odd because his only contact with Angelo was the possibility that he might take his case in the upcoming trial. Turk implies that what he needs isn’t a lawyer but someone who can make a problem go away ‘permanently’. He offers twenty grand. Riker, realizing Turk is asking for a hitman order Turk out of his office before he calls for the police. Blutman comes out from behind the curtain after Turk leaves, informing him that Turk was a cop. Riker allows Blutman to kill the cops to make the whole thing disappear. Turk meanwhile gets in the car and tells the others that Riker is big trouble. Enos asks if he was left handed and Turk tells him to drive.

As the officers are changing in the locker room, Enos comes in and opens his locker A number of pool balls roll out, Bigalow and the others laughing. Turk tries to help Enos stop all the balls, scolding the others. Bigalow says it’s Enos’ mess and Enos says Broggi isn’t going to be too happy about the pool hall when he reads the report. Turk proposes when they are done to go get dinner together. Enos tells him he’s meeting M.J. at seven and they are having a date. Enos says he’s picking up a t.v. from the layaway and Turk remarks ‘that’ll turn her on.’

M.J., in a blue dress, paces in the police department until Enos comes out, surprised. She explains she finished early and thought they could save some time. Enos says that is great and he hasn’t had time to go through the yellow pages. She’s confused and he says he doesn’t know may fancy restaurants. She offers to go to his place and let him cook but he objects that she’s all dressed up. She says she dressed for him and she would love to try his cooking. They agree to meet at Enos’ place.

Enos comes to his apartment with his new tv and groceries. He carries them upstairs, not seeing the hit men arrive. M.J. is already there waiting and helps him carry everything upstairs. As M.J. and Enos set up, the hit men set up outside. One says he thought they were going after the other guy first but Blutman says Enos was the first to leave. They open fire three times, hitting the wall and Enos’ tv. Turk bursts in, seeing Enos and M.J. on the floor holding each other. He asks if they are okay or is he interrupting something. Enos asks what Turk is doing there and Turk says he came to borrow Enos’ tv as his was broke. They look at Enos’ tv to see it was shot and Enos asks if Turk wants to use his radio.

M.J. goes to see Riker, saying she wants to talk to Mr. Blutman. She says he is Riker’s corporate associate and he says she doesn’t have a case. Riker says he could get Angelo out in twenty minutes. She asks why doesn’t he and he says he hasn’t decided if he will take the case. She tells him that if that is the case then she wants to talk to Blutman as he did talk to Angelo but Riker says that is impossible as Blutman is out of the city at the moment and he can’t be reached. She hands him a subpoena saying he needs to hand over everything relevant to the case. Riker says this is unethical and she says to have Blutman meet her at her office before leaving. Riker calls Blutman and says for him to stay away for a bit. He is frustrated as he doesn’t know what is going on.

Broggi and M.J. meet with Dempsy listening. Broggi brings up his concerns about the public destruction and the life of one of his officers. She reminds him she was with Enos at the time and Broggi says he was about to ask about that. She says ‘don’t’ before saying that Angelo is innocent and they just need to find what Riker is doing. She tells him that Turk and Enos need a black and white car and Broggi tells her that the special unit doesn’t use official patrol cars. She tells him it’s important that Riker knows he’s being watched. He objects again but Dempsy agrees with M.J. Dempsy says Strate and Adams have been doing a good job and that he will allow it. M.J. leaves as Broggi remarks he would love to give Enos and Turk their heads on a platter.

Enos and Turk wait outside of Riker’s house. Riker sees the black and white patrol car and is on edge. Turk cautions Enos that there are a lot of black limos and not to loose it this time. Enos asks if the car looks like the one Moose Davis got in, which Turk agrees. As Enos starts up the car, both grin and Enos says it sure if fun being a black and white. Turk says they have been a black and white since they started. They follow the limo around town and after Riker leaves it, Turk suitably knocks out one of the tail lights so they can keep better track of it.

Later Enos and M.J. wait for the limo outside of a fancy place. Enos asks how she knew he would be there, and she says in her line of work she has learned how to read a secritary’s updside down writing very quickly. They approach Riker, and she greets him before saying she had no idea they had the same taste in restaurants. Riker asks what are they doing there. She says they are having an ‘early dinner’ and introduces officer Enos Strate. Riker says he has an urgent appointment and he and his driver Charles leaves.

Turk, still in the police car, watches Riker return toward the house. Riker tells Charlie to driver around the block and Turk follows him. Riker becomes more frustrated as Charlie tries to loose Turk. Turk radios Enos to keep him informed. Once they go toward Enos, Turk stops. Riker calls Blutman and tells him to meet him at the winery in ten minutes. As they head toward the winery however, Enos and M.J. fall in behind them. Enos radios Turk to inform him where they are. Turk tells Enos to wait for him. Enos tells M.J. to stay in the car while he looks around back to her frustration.

Inside Riker packs a case of money. Blutman tells him he looks like he plans to be away a long time, and Riker says for as long as it takes until the cops and the DA woman are dead. Blutman’s men inform him that one of the cops has come into the winery. They all hide as Enos sneaks in. Blutman comes up behind Enos and attempts to strangle him. While he is distracted, M.J. comes up behind him and breaks a bottle of wine on his head. Blutmen’s men start shooting at them and they take cover. Blutman orders his men not to shoot as Enos is holding them. Riker attemps to flee but Turk comes in the other door, grabbing him. Blutmen’s men all attack Turk and Enos runs over to help him. M.J. watches as Turk and Enos fight the employees, taking them all down. Riker hides under a barrel of wine. M.J. grabs another bottle but sees all the men are taken care of. As Turk and Enos congratulate each other, Turk saying he was like Clint Eastwood with a tan, she breaks the bottle on the floor in front of Riker. She asks Enos and Turk if they always work like this, and Enos asks ‘like what?’

After Angelo is released, Enos and Turk drive him home. Enos tells him that he’s done a few bad things but he has a fresh start now and he needs to be there for his family. Angelo agrees and goes toward his house, his daughter running out to hug him. Turk tells Enos that he is one silver tongue devil. Seeing M.J. Turk gets out. Enos asks where he’s going and Turk says ‘never step on a buddies time remember’ before winking. Turk walks away as M.J. gets in. She tells Enos her office got moved to the fourth floor.

Enos: Dear Daisy, California does beat all. They got more limousines then you can follow. And something called affirmative action. I met a District Attorney almost as pretty as you. Well, not quite of course.


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  • Despite Jesse having visited LA in the previous episode, he still knows Turk as 'the guy Enos wrote to Daisy about'
    • Jesse says that Enos has been writing to Daisy but in the movie The Dukes of Hazzard: Reunion! we learn Enos never sent the majority of the letters he wrote to her.
    • Jesse says Enos was the best fishing student he ever had
  • Enos says his mother's name is Mary Margret Strate, but she was called "Maggie" by those who loved her. He says she died when he was born
    • Enos reefers to his 'folks' a number of times. It is possible his father remarried.
  • Enos claims in this episode that he doesn't drink coffee
  • Enos mentions he had an Uncle who was a lawyer, saying that was the only thing his uncle and 'Honest Abe' had in common