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Whitney, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Farewell, Hazzard[]

He drives himself and L.S. Pritchard to Hazzard County, beeping to announce their arrival. As he gets out of the car, Boss Hogg struts out and up to the car. Boss greets him, calling him ‘dude’ and he is unimpressed. Whitney expresses he is introducing the president of Pritchard Industries, “L.S. Pritchard” before opening the door and helping her out. Boss is surprised she is a woman and he watches, unimpressed further, and the police department Rosco and Enos accidentally hit Boss with a red carpet and knock him into the car. After L.S. asks him a few questions about the land sales, he drives them away again.

L.S. and Whitney meet up with Garrett and Hudson. Garrett gives them a report that all of Hazzard seems to be loaded with high density coal deposits. L.S. and Whitney then head back to town.

He waits outside of the Police Station while L.S. goes inside. After a bit she comes out and tells him to take a stroll as she wants to talk to Luke for a bit undisturbed. Amused, he does.

When L.S. and Luke get out of the car, he comes back and watches Luke get into the General with Bo. L.S. tells him she sees what Hogg meant by the Duke boys being a problem and she’s going to have to take care of them herself. As the boys leave town, L.S. tells him to call the others and have Bo and Luke captured and held until the deal is complete.

That night he takes L.S. to the Hogg family home. When she comes out she tells him that she can't trust the 'Hazzard Idiots' and to have their own men watching the road between Hazzard and Hatchape. He asks what about Hogg and she says as soon as they don't need him, dump him as she wants to start hauling coal in ten days.

He accompanies L.S. to the Boar’s Nest for the town meeting. When she gets a phone call, he helps her put her coat on and she informs him that they got to go. He follows her out. In the car while they head to Lover’s Rock, L.S. tells him that when she signals him, have the boys in the chopper capture Luke. He agrees saying they will hold Luke until the town meeting is over. She emphasizes to make sure he doesn’t call until she signals him.

When they arrive, Luke hints he wanted to be alone. L.S. and Luke walk off and he gets out of the car, sitting on the front to try and see L.S. He pretends to read a paper. After a few moments he hears a noise and looks over to see Bo holding the briefcase from the back seat. He calls out to Bo, rushing over and telling him to drop it. Bo apologizes before dropping it and hitting him in the gut then across the face. As he leans against the car, Bo thanks him and pats his shoulder before bolting with the case. He gets in the car and honks to get L.S.’s attention. He then runs over to her, telling her that the boys have her briefcase and they run back to the car to get the chopper.

After the boys escape, he is arrested by Enos and Rosco with the rest of their group.