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Wilbur, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Targets: Daisy and Lulu[]

When Mr. Lipton decides to steal the Osborne diamond necklace, he waits with him by the car at the airport until Mick and Pete bring it. He opens the car door for Mr. Lipton to get in, when Daisy and Lulu run up. The ladies insist the case is theirs and Mr. Lipton gives it to them to avoid making a scene. Lipton then orders the men to get the case back.

As he drives Lipton home, he hears Mr. Lipton confirm the men lost the women and order them to find the girls again and kill them.

He waits at Lipton’s estate and when Lipton is on the phone for a progress report, he holds up a glass to which Wilbur quickly fills for him.

He returns to Mr. Lipton's office to be informed that Pete and Mick were caught and arrested. Lipton says they will have to take care of the two women personally. Wilbur asks about the necklace and Lipton brushes it off and asks for their names. He tells Lipton they are Daisy Duke and Lulu Hogg. When Lipton looks at him, he just nods. Lipton has him call the Duke farm.

Daisy answers the phone and he claims to be Sergeant Katcher of the State Police in Capitol City. He says they have a third suspect in custody and they would like Daisy and her lady friend to come down and make a positive ID. Daisy agrees and he asks her to hurry as speed is important. Daisy says they will take Miller Road. He passes it onto Lipton and they leave.

Wilbur drives and they pass a jeep with Daisy and Lulu. They turn and chase after the jeep. They catch up and he rams the jeep a few times but he is surprised when the orange car from the airport arrives. They give up the chase and escape.

As he drives, they hear Lulu and Daisy set up a shopping date on the CB and head back to town to catch them.

They arrive in town and spot the women near the emporium. They park and get out, approaching the women from behind only to see it was Boss and Rosco in disguise. They realize it’s a trap, seeing Enos, Bo, and Luke moving in on them. They take Boss and Rosco as hostages. Lipton tells him to step on it and he reminds his boss that all those people saw them. Lipton says they are leaving the country. Boss and Rosco suddenly start beating them with umbrellas and jump out of the car. They keep driving.

A few minutes later they are surprised to see the General Lee again. They are further stunned when the car jumps over them and cuts them off. They attempt to run on foot but is tackled by Bo. Enos takes custody of him and he’s arrested.