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Wilbur Fudge is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


According to Bo, Wilbur used to wonder around town with a calculator all the time.


The Legacy[]

Boss calls him to the Boar’s Nest to make him an acting deputy. When he comes in, Cletus asks what he’s doing there and can't he see the Boss is busy but Boss explains his new role. He protests that he’s the county controller and deals with money. He says he doesn’t know diddly about law enforcing. Boss soothes him saying he can start with O.J.T. He asks what that is to which Cletus scolds him for not knowing. Boss tells him it means on the job training, which Cletus repeats calling him a dipstick. Cletus removes his visor as Boss gives him his ‘official hat’. He puts it on and Boss swears him in. Boss tells Cletus to take him in hand and Cletus grabs his wrist. Cletus tells Wilbur to do everything that he does. Cletus trip over a chair and Wiblur shrugs before coping it. He then copies Cletus exasperated sigh and follows him out the door.

He goes to the Duke Farm with Cletus to spy on the Dukes and Lucinda, Cletus using his tie to clean his binoculars. He is surprised when Bo and Luke leave and ducks down so they won’t see him. Cletus says as soon as they pass, they will follow. Wilbur says he doesn’t know anything about following, just adding and subtracting and besides the Dukes haven’t done anything. Cletus says they are going to and Wilbur rolls his eyes. They duck down again as they boys drive by.

As they follow the boys, the boys take off. He comments they are lighting out like a pair of blue-tail flies with a bullfrog snapping at their tails. Cletus says they are guilty of something. As they approach the sawmill, Cletus tells him to pay attention and to ‘get the peanut butter’ out of his ears. He says that they are headed to the sawmill and they are going to take a shortcut to wait. They go through the sawmill and Wilbur asks if Cletus heard anything funny when they did before the car breaks apart in two. He gets up to see Bo and Luke drive by. He tells Cletus that he told him he heard a funny noise.

While out on patrol the next day, Boss calls him over the CB. He tells Boss he’s listening and the beeps in his car are getting louder. Boss says that means he’s getting closer and asks where is he. He says he’s going north on Old Country Road and it peters out in 20 miles. Boss tells him to follow the boys but keep back. As he drives the beeps get louder. He calls Boss and asks him what he wants Wilbur to do and Boss says not to do anything until he and Cletus get there, calling him a dipstick. He remarks ‘sure thing’.

He and Cletus arrive at the Rainbow Mines and Bo and Luke come down to meet them. Cletus tells him to slap the cuffs on Bo and Luke and he pulls them out asking how saying the only thing he knows how to work is the office pencil sharpener. Cletus takes the cuffs saying he’s a waste of space. He’s stunned when Bo and Luke go to burn half of the $5,000 and is further stunned when the pickup suddenly speeds toward them, diving out of the way. He then helps Cletus get Boss back up. At Boss order he scrambles to get in his car, crashing into Cletus who points out where his car is. As they go to chase the pickup, he collides into Cletus car. Cletus calls him a lug nut and asks where he learned to drive, suggesting correspondence school. Wilbur looks under his hood as his car is out of commission. When he closes the hood the front two fenders fall off.

He arrests Joe Hatcher and Blaine and receives the reward.