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Will Jason, more commonly known as Squirt is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


He, Cindy, and Bubba have a band together called the Pine Valley Rockers that plays at the church for socials, BBQ's, and even at the American Legion Picnic in Tyler. He sings and plays guitar. They gathered $1,136.15 for a recording from Platter Records in Nashville but the recording was a scam. They decide to kidnap Loretta Lynn to get their money back.


Find Loretta Lynn[]

When Bubba is driving and runs the General Lee off the road he tells Bubba the last thing they need right now is a run in with the law, at least before they pull off the job. They find a detour sign and Bubba says that it’s an omen they shouldn’t do this. Squirt says that this is a lucky break as the detour leads to Hazzard and it has two cops and not many people.

They arrive at the Boar’s Nest to be confronted by Daisy. When she yells at Bubba he comments ‘run along will you honey’ and she says she doesn’t want to and would rather stay and listen to them apologize for running the Dukes off the road. He asks her if she wants to make something out of it and Luke says no she doesn’t ‘at least not until you stand up’. As Daisy is called away he gets in Luke’s face, calling him farm boy and asks if he’s looking for trouble like ‘your lady friend’ and asks for them to step behind the building. Luke tells him he isn’t looking for trouble, he’s just looking out for his kin. He adds that if Squirt has something he’s handing out and Squirt turns to Bubba and asks about Bubba taking care of Luke out back. Bubba refuses and Squirt snaps at him. He excitedly watches Bubba knock Luke out.

As he gets some chains from the car to chain the police cars together, he notices Cindy taking the air of the General Lee’s tires. After he slips on Loretta’s bus.

On the bus he confronts Loretta, telling her that if she does as she’s told she won’t be hurt. As they drive he tells Loretta that she doesn’t have to be nervous and they just have to do what they got to do. She asks what that is and he tells her to get some money. When she offers to give it to him he says they could never take her money as it wouldn’t be right and this is between them and someone else. He says as soon as they pay up, he’ll let her go. When she says she has a show to make, he apologizes and suggests she goes into the bedroom and take a rest. She agrees and he promises to have Bubba drive slowly not to disturb her.

After the others are settled at the smokehouse, he goes to a gas station and calls the police department. He makes his voice deeper and says they got Loretta and that they are not to contact the police. Rosco says he is the police and Squirt tells him he meant the big city police. He tells Rosco to call Platter Records in Nashville and have them put $1,136.15 in a sack in small bills at a mailbox at the junction of  route 6 and Swift Creek route. Rosco has him repeat it and he does. As he hangs up he sees the General. He’s angry to see them and they try running him off but a tire goes and he watches them flip as he drives away.

After Squirt’s return, he, Bubba, and Cindy sing for Loretta. They are stunned when Loretta says they are pretty good. When Loretta offers to help them by calling a few friends in Nashville, he says she is already helping them.

The three go back to practicing. They are interrupted by Loretta telling them that they are sounding really nice, however she feels Bubba is just a little flat. He tells Bubba that he told him that. Bubba argues that he always says that and Squirt says he is the leader of the group and when he hears flat, it’s Bubba. Bubba says he’s tired of Squirt ordering him around. He asks Bubba what is he going to do about it. Bubba puts a bunch of powder on his face and he says Bubba shouldn’t have done that. He chants Bubba’s name three times, hitting him in the face with the powder each time. Bubba then dumps the entire tin of powder on his head. Cindy yells at them to stop. He apologizes to Loretta before realizing Leona is gone. He tells Bubba to go get her and bring her back.

Later they get some groceries and Bubba is worried but Squirt tells him to get ahold of himself. He piles all the bags on Cindy and when she leaves, Bubba says that Leona is going to come back with the law. He says that is why they need to find a new hideout. When Bubba gets upset he tells him they are not going to jail. He tells Bubba to clean up the bus and he will keep watch.

He sees Bo and Luke arrive and tries to dive on them from the building but misses and falls in a water trough. When Bubba bursts out of the barn with the bus he runs after them, yelling for Bubba to stop. When Bubba slows down he climbs into the bus. He informs Bubba the Dukes are gaining on them. Loretta asks why don’t they give up and he says not until he gets his money from that record company. Loretta says she doesn’t even know that company and he remarks that she’s from Nashville and it’s all the same to them. She tells him he’s crazy. Bubba tells him to lighten the load and he starts tossing out various items. Bubba informs him that the bus is starting to drag and he remarks that he thought it was fixed in Hazzard. He sees Luke and Bo drop in. He points to Bo and says he’s going to take him apart. Bo picks him up and hangs him on the wall and he tells Bo to put him down and asks Loretta not to laugh.

Loretta decides not to press charges and after a stern lecture, she helps get them in contact with a legit record producer.