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Willie is a minor character from The Dukes of Hazzard.


Jude Emery[]

A local in Hazzard who joins Russel Harmon. He and Russel watch the court house, seeing Jude Emery come out with Bo and Luke. He remarks Jude doesn’t look like much. When Snake asks about Bo and Luke he explains that he had raced against them on dirt tracks, saying they are strictly amateur ‘hot dogs’. He is annoyed when Snake says it sounds like they beat him and explains they are ex-moonshine drivers. He asks why Jude has them and is told Jude is probably using them as guides. Snake proposes recruiting Bo and Luke and Willie says they are nothing but trouble and they are probably working for Jude. When Russel asks what the Sheriff is like, he laughs telling him ‘wait until you meet that guy’.

At the swamp, Snake gets mad at him for feeding Elmer and he apologizes saying he can’t tell them apart. Snake says Elmer is the boy and smacks him with his hat. He watches Snake talk to the snake.

Willie and Patch Laurel arrive at the Hazzard Garage to see Bo and Luke with Cooter. Willie gets out saying ‘looky hear Patch, if it ain’t the chicken Dukes’. He says the boys got scared out of driving whiskey and mostly hang around race tracks hoping to be mistook for real drivers. Bo asks him when he got out of jail and Luke says he had to go to jail as that’s the only way he could see his mother. He asks why they aren’t home chopping cotton and says the last time they drove on a racetrack they nearly got a ticket for illegal parking. Bo asks if he means the race where Willie got in front of him and Bo had to push him off and he went into the ditch. Upset, Willie says he’d like to see them try that with Patch and introduces him to the boys. When Luke says he’s heard of Patch, he tells Luke he hasn’t heard anything like it is. Willie says he’s looking for driving talent for a guy trying to put something together and while they ain’t much he asks if they are interested. Luke asks what he’s got and he says he don’t have nothing unless they can cut it. He says it they want to talk some more meet him at the coffin factory in the morning. He says it’ll take them that long to find it before leaving. Luke says they’ll catch him in church and Bo waves.

As they leave, he remarks the boys went for it.

Willie watches Bo and Luke arrive only to see Luke vanish from the General. Bo gets out, talking to Luke and saying he told him that Willie would be looking the wrong way. Willie turns around and not finding Luke he goes into the Coffin works to see Luke inside saying ‘no wonder he can’t handle it when a car’s on his tail’. Annoyed he tells them that he would offer them a beer but he’s afraid it would lower his social standing. Bo says he would have to go all the way to Hell to to do that as he comes in and Luke takes the beer saying he’s not proud and will drink with anyone. Bo also accepts. Bo asks where the boss is an he says they won’t meet him unless they pass the test. Luke asks where is Patch and he explains’ Patch is the test. He tells them Patch is on south 104 and he shouldn’t keep him waiting long. The boys put the beers back and leave. He drinks his.

After the boys leave, he follows to watch. As he drives he notices two cars behind them fighting for the road. Knowing neither are theirs, he runs them both off the road. He goes down the road to where the Duke boys and Patch are stopped. He pushes Patch back from Luke and asks for Elmer. When Bo asks who, he explains the rattle snake that Patch put in the boys car. Patch says Luke threw him and upset, Willie asks that Luke lost Elmer before asking Patch that he let Luke lose Elmer. Bo and Luke remark they didn’t like the snake and he says Snake is going to kill them before adding they have to leave as some cars where following them and one must have been Jude from how bad he was driving. Bo asks if they passed and he says they did. He takes Patch back.

After arriving at the hideout, they get out to stand with Snake and the rest as Bo and Luke stay in the General for a minute. He listens to Bo and Luke insult them before following Patch in attacking Luke. Luke punches him in the face and he moves aside. He wrestles around with the others. They stop when Jude breaks up the fight. He watches Patch and Snake decide to have a arm wrestling contest against Luke.

When Patch and Luke prepare to arm wrestle over poisonous cactus, he ties their arms together. He steps back to watch Patch and Luke arm wrestle, telling them when to go. When Daisy comes flying up in her car he moves back to keep from getting hit. Daisy volunteers to drive for Snake and he tells him that he isn't driving ‘with no woman.’ Snake reminds him he’s in charge and Willie says they don’t know anything about her and what if she’s working with Jude. He tells Snake to test her and make her drive against Patch then listens to Luke and Patch agree to jump cars with Bo and Snake riding shotgun in the morning.

After the Dukes take off with Snake, he helps chase after them to get Snake back. However he is arrested by Grady and Enos. After he is taken back to Texas with Snake, Coy, and Patch by Jude to face the law there. They tease Jude for kissing Daisy before they leave.


  • Despite being from Hazzard and knowing Grady, Bo and Luke, Willie does not know Daisy
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