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Willie is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


The Great Santa Claus Chase[]

Boss Hogg hires them around Christmas to steal a truck of Christmas Trees from Bo and Luke Duke and frame the boys for the theft.

While Russ and Hank force Bo and Luke to pull over with the truck, he watches them through a set of binoculars, waiting for the boys to get free of the ropes.

When Bo and Luke start walking down the raod he approaches them in his car, pretending to be a preacher. He pulls over and asks if they need a lift. They ask if he is going to Hazzard and he tells them that he just happens to be going that way and to hop in. They thank him before getting in.

They arrive at the Garage and Bo and Luke get out. Luke thanks him for the lift and he comments ‘I’m his humble shepherd tending flock, gathering those who go astray’. Bo says if it wasn’t for him they would still be walking. He tells them to go with God and they thank him before going inside. After a moment he goes in with an envelope of money telling them that they dropped it on the seat and it may be important, framing them for the theft.

He goes to the Boar’s Nest and stands with Boss as Boss announces to everyone in the bar that Bo and Luke were the thieves. Daisy says no offense to him but she knows her cousins are innocent.

He goes into Boss’ office to get paid. He notices the amount of money in Boss’ safe and tells Boss that it’s none of his business but Boss is paying pretty steep for a bunch of Christmas trees. Boss says when you figure disgracing the Dukes and the money he’s going to make, it’d be cheaper at triple the price. He hands over the money and tells Willie that after they deliver the trees to disappear.

He picks up Russ and Hank as they drop off the trees in town. He tells them that the money was nothing compared to what Boss has hidden in his safe, aching to be plucked. He tells them he’s going to drop them off at the Boar’s Nest and he’ll call them as he has some Christmas shopping to do in Central City.

After he finishes shopping, he calls Russ and Hank and tells them where to meet him; an old shack out on Route 71 near Hobson’s Creek.

Willie arrives to see Russ and Hank waiting and tells them to help him out while opening the trunk.

That night as they discuss the robbery, Hank expresses unease as they will recognize them. He pulls out a Santa Claus outfit and says they’ll be wearing that and asks if they can think of a better disguise this time of year.

The next morning they change into Santa Suits and head out to the Boar’s Nest. They go into the Boar’s Nest and pull a gun on Daisy and Jesse. He tells them to play it cool and keep quiet. He sends Russ to check if the one door is a closet and when Russ confirms he tells Jesse and Daisy to get inside. Jesse asks if they are the one’s who stole the Christmas trees. After securing Jesse and Daisy they go into Boss’ office and he waits by the safe with a sack.

After emptying the safe, they leave. They are chased by Daisy and Jesse, then Boss and Rosco. They are forced to pull over when four more vehicles all converge on them. Cletus forces them out of the car and Boss unmasks them. Boss has Rosco and Cletus arrest them.