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Willis is a minor character from The Dukes of Hazzard.


The Big Heist[]

He is playing with a water gun at the Hazzard Garage when his father warns him to be careful with it. He agrees and goes to a bucket to fill it up when he hears Rosco Coltrane pull up with Bo and Luke in the back of the car. He hides behind the gas pumps and when Rosco parks to get gas, he jumps out behind him yelling ‘stick them up and don’t move’. Annoyed Rosco asks him to go away and to quit messing with him as he’s got to get gas in the car. Willis says he will shoot if Rosco doesn’t put his hands up.

Luke suddenly says ‘atta boy partner, keep him covered’. Willis is excited, deciding to play along. Luke asks him if he’s got the money hid in a safe place and Willis says he does and he put it where nobody will find it. Rosco goes to look at him but Luke tells him not to, as Willis means it. Luke tells Rosco not to rile Willis as he means it. Willis smiles, excited. When Rosco accuses them of leading a child into a life of crime, Bo says Willis isn’t a little boy but a midget who is ever mean. Willis tries to look mean to fit Bo’s description. Luke tells him they’ll meet him at the hide out to split the money three ways, and Willis agrees. After Bo and Luke flee, Willis’ mother and father check on him and his father tells him he warned him about squirting customer’s with the water pistol. When Rosco turns around to confirm this, he sprays Rosco in the face multiple times. He laughs as Rosco flees.