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Zach is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Zach owns Zach's Landing to get into the Swamp. He rents boats and other items to those going into the Swamp.


Treasure of Hazzard[]

When Bo, Luke, Jesse, and Laura come to enter the swamp, he loans them a boat and brings them a number of sticks, explaining that he hopes they won’t need them. He tells Jesse to watch out for the gators as they are going to be watching them. The boys laugh and they all wave goodbye.

Later the Dukes and Laura return the boat to him before heading back home.

While at Zach’s landing the next day he notices two people taking a boat. He asks what do they think they are doing when one, James, pulls out a gun and shoots at him. He dives back into his tent. He comes back out to see Bo and Luke taking a boat to follow them.